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Aims of the RCOG Women’s Voices Involvement Panel

This page sets out the objectives of the RCOG Women’s Voices Involvement Panel.

The RCOG Women’s Voices Involvement Panel aims to;

  1. Give women a voice within the RCOG to inform the College on issues affecting their health and well-being
    What’s the benefit?
    The College can use this knowledge to help decide which particular issues it needs to focus its attention on in relation to O&G.

  2. Gain opinion and views from women about particular pieces of College work through involving them in a variety of ways
    What’s the benefit?
    Insight from patients and the public around what it’s like to have a baby or to have a female health condition can help the College to make sure O&G doctors deliver a service that is most appropriate to women’s needs.

  3. *Allow partner organisations that work to support and improve women’s health and well-being to gain the views of women
    What’s the benefit?
    These organisations can use this knowledge to inform their policies and/or improve services for women that they provide services to.


*Please note: Not all organisations that request access to the panel to consult with and/or recruit members to their own project will be granted permission to do so. Organisations requesting this must demonstrate that their purpose for involving women is in line with the College’s aims and does not conflict with any work the College is undertaking. The purpose for consulting with the panel must not be for commercial benefit. The RCOG’s Clinical Quality department will consider requests on a case by case basis.

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