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Foreword from the Co-Vice Chair of the RCOG Women’s Network

Leah Morantz, Co-Vice Chair of the RCOG Women’s Network writes...

Leah Morantz

The last couple of months have seen new ways of working for the Women’s Voices Involvement Panel through the use of social media. This is something we’re hoping to build on as we work to include as many women’s voices as possible in the work of the College and beyond. It’s great to see so many passionate voices not only engaging with the College but also with each other through the Facebook page. The exchange of ideas and the networks we build enrich the contribution that we make.

There have been some really significant publications relating to maternity care recently that will have an impact on care provided to women and their babies. Namely the National Maternity Review and the publication of the College’s Patterns of maternity care in NHS hospitals in England.

The College’s President, David Richmond, mentioned in his statement on the latter that “The RCOG is dedicated to creating a culture of openness and transparency within maternity and gynaecological care.” The challenge for us then is to keep engaging, keep contributing our voices on behalf of women—and babies and families—so that the views of service users remain central to that open, transparent culture. After all, an invitation to sit at the table means we need to continue to take part in the conversation.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and, if you’re not involved through the Facebook page yet, we really hope you’ll join.