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Join the RCOG Women’s Voices Involvement Panel

Thank you for your interest in joining the RCOG Women’s Voices Involvement Panel. The following short questionnaire will allow us to gain some information about you so that we can register you onto our database. You will then be kept up to date with the latest opportunities to use your experience of O&G services to influence the College’s work.

Some questions ask for details that you may find personal such as your date of birth, your postcode, your ethnicity and whether you have a disability. We’re asking for this information so that we can monitor the spread of membership and ensure we have a wide range of people on the panel. Your answers will remain confidential and stored in accordance with data protection legislation and the RCOG Data protection policy. You do not have to answer these questions but it would be helpful if you do. The answers you give, or choosing to not answer some of the questions, will not affect your eligibility to join the panel. 

If you are joining the panel representing an organisation or group, please let us know if you feel there would be any conflict of interests between your organisation and with the aims of the panel and/or the work of the College. Declaring a conflict will not mean that you won’t be able to join the panel, but may mean that some opportunities may not be suitable for your involvement.

Individuals or organisations found to be using association with the College through membership of the panel for commercial benefit will be removed. Use of the College logo by members of the panel is also not permitted.

Complete the questionnaire

We’re not currently inviting new members to register to join the involvement panel, but we will be opening registrations again soon. Please visit this page for updates.