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Miscarriage priority survey

Sophie Willetts writes why filling out the miscarriage priority survey is really important...

Sophie WillettsSeveral months ago, I responded to a call for interested members of the Panel to become involved in a priority setting partnership around miscarriage. I now sit as a patient member on the steering group with two other Women’s Voices members. The aim of the group is to find out the priorities for research around miscarriage. To do that we are seeking the views of anyone who has experience of miscarriage, women, their partners, their families and friends as well as medical practitioners involved in miscarriage.

I've had six miscarriages myself, one way that I have tried to deal with that is by talking about miscarriage and trying to make it less of a taboo subject that people never talk about. When the opportunity arrived to take part in this research group I didn't know anything about Steering Partnerships but I felt inspired to try and help make the patient's voice heard. I also hoped that some good might come out of my miscarriages. I have hope that in the future women will not need to go through recurrent miscarriage in their dream to have a family.

There are so many unknowns in miscarriage and I have great hopes that the Miscarriage Priority Setting Partnership will show to researchers and funders what the most important unanswered questions are. To do that we really need help. We are looking for feedback from women and those who care for them around what research areas are of most importance to them. This is absolutely your time to make your voices heard by the doctors researching miscarriage. Miscarriage affects people through all walks of life and of all ages and we want to hear from these people across the UK. Could you spare 5 minutes to fill in the survey? I've filled it in and I've made sure my husband has done it too. I would really appreciate you giving your views too for this vital area of research.

And of course please share this survey with anyone else you know who may be able to help us!