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1. Is what I have experienced bullying/undermining?
Often the most important way of realising that there is a problem is how a certain behaviour or interaction has made you feel or impacted on your behaviour. Signs that you are being bullied or undermined may include: You avoid talking
3.1 New general genomic technology relevant to O&G
These resources have been reviewed by a panel of consultants and trainees. Quotes have been provided by this panel.   Genomics in Practice: Obstetrics and Gynaecology RCOG President Eddie Morris explains the important role played by genomics in the
2. What does a Workplace Behaviour Champion do?
The exact remit and role of a workplace behaviour champion is determined locally, but could include: Advocate for civility, respect and kindness in the workplace Be a port of call for colleagues who encounter poor workplace behaviours Listen, support,
4. Where can Workplace Behaviour Champions get support?
Being a workplace behaviour champion isn’t an easy job. Driving forward positive and effective workplace culture is a challenge. It is often difficult to know how to help those who approach you and you will often need to seek advice. Being the champion
National HMB Audit: making clinical audit data transparent
In his transparency and open data letter to cabinet ministers on 7 July 2011, the Prime Minister made a commitment to make clinical audit data available from the national audits within the National Clinical Audit and Patient Outcomes Programme. The
transportMYpatient: an initiative to overcome the barrier of transport costs for patients accessing treatment for obstetric fistula
This is one of the stories from the September 2012 issue of International News. People with disabilities are among the poorest and most vulnerable in the world. Even when health care is provided free, transport costs may pose an insurmountable
India Liaison Group: volunteer questionnaire
The purpose of this questionnaire is to match your skills and expertise to approprate projects being run by the India Liaison Group. The RCOG undertakes that this information will be held securely and used only for the stated purpose by the RCOG India
Assessment principles for subspecialty trainees
Information for trainers about how to monitor and assess subspecialty trainees under the StR contract introduced in 2007: Purpose of the RCOG subspecialty training assessment RCOG subspecialty training assessment process Relationship between the RCOG
Part 1 MRCOG: sample SBAs
This page provides some example single best answer questions (SBAs) to help candidates preparing for the Part 1 MRCOG. For each question, select the single most appropriate answer from the 5 options listed. Question 1 A 24-year-old woman has a
ENTOG Exchange report, Kortrijk, Belgium 2010
The ENTOG May 2010 exchange programme brought me to the city of Kortrijk in the Belgian province of West Flanders. I arrived by train having flown to Brussels on a wet Sunday evening and was greeted by a trainee’s boyfriend whilst she was working in the

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