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Royal Colleges response to latest clinical findings from the NMPA
The National Maternity and Perinatal Audit is a major analysis of NHS maternity and neonatal services in Britain. Launched in 2016, it uses data collected by hospitals to evaluate a range of care processes and outcomes, and produces high-quality
RCOG release: Medical workforce census published
The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) publishes its most recent medical workforce census results today. The census examines data provided by College tutors, who co-ordinate training and education within trusts, at hospital units
International Women’s Day
Every year, the College holds an event to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD), choosing a different theme each year. 2020 – We need to talk about race More Asian and black women in the UK die during or soon after pregnancy than white women.
BJOG release: Smoking in pregnancy “affects boys’ fitness in later life”
Mothers who smoke are putting more than their own health at risk, suggests a study published today in BJOG: an International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (BJOG). Young men whose mothers smoked during pregnancy had lower aerobic fitness compared
Improving workplace culture and behaviours
Dealing with undermining Undermining and bullying behaviour has long been recognised as a problem for trainees in obstetrics and gynaecology (O&G), as shown by repeated General Medical Council (GMC) trainee surveys. O&G trainees report more
OSATS, benign abdominal surgery: open and laparoscopic ATSM
This page sets out the OSATS requirements for the ATSM in benign abdominal surgery: open and laparoscopic. You have to be competent in: Opening and closing a vertical abdominal incision Items under observation: Preparation of the patient Cleans and
How we will implement the Leading Safe Choices programme
This page describes how we will implement the RCOG Leading Safe Choices programme in South Africa and Tanzania. The programme The programme is divided into three main areas: Promoting best practices in postpartum contraception and comprehensive
Can SAS/LE Doctors do ATSMs? Advanced Training Skill Modules (ATSMs) form part of the final 2 years of the O&G Specialty Trainees’ training programme (in years 6 and 7). For a SAS doctor or LED to undertake an ATSM, they need to: Have obtained
Each Baby Counts report recommends new measures to reduce stillbirths, baby deaths and brain injuries
There are still too many avoidable stillbirths, baby deaths and brain injuries that occur during term labour in the UK, finds the latest report from Each Baby Counts published today. 
2328 - Post Reproductive Health - Joint RCOG BMS Meeting 2020
Post Reproductive Health Post Reproductive Health Two day theoretical course which focuses on Post Reproductive Health. Is an RCOG ATSM component Post Reproductive Health, Menopause Advanced Training Skills Module (ATSM), Faculty of Sexual and

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