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Study suggests epidural does not slow second stage of labour
A study published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynaecology, showed that the use of epidural analgesia in the second stage of labour made no difference to duration of labour, and suggests that the practise of minimising pain management in labour may
Women’s fistula stories from Uganda
Kitovu Health Care Complex is a Catholic mission hospital situated in the Masaka region of southern Uganda. Under the leadership of Honorary Fellow of the RCOG, Dr Maura Lynch, the hospital hosts four fistula camps per year, led by Mr Shane Duffy FRCOG
RCOG statement on Lancet paper on iodine deficiency during pregnancy
Today The Lancet published a paper looking at the relationship between iodine deficiency during pregnancy and children’s mental development.
How completion of an APM is signed off
An APM is complete once all the components have been completed to the satisfaction of your APM Academic Educational Supervisor. Once you have completed an APM, you’ll need to complete the notification of completion form You’ll need to sign the form,
Implementation note 8
Advice for ST6, ST7 and post-CCT doctors undertaking ATMSs and subspecialty training – Moving to the new curriculum 2019 Further to Implementation Note 3 ARCP Guidance, this Note provides detailed guidance for ST6, ST5 and post-CCT doctors undertaking
Confusing fertility advice sparking unnecessary worry among UK women
New data released by RCOG highlights widespread concern UK women are feeling in the face of conflicting fertility information.
Advanced Training Committee
Meeting dates (14.00 start) 2020 Friday 7 February 2020 Friday 12 June 2020 Friday 20 November 2020 2021 4 February 2021 21 May 2021 24 September 2021   Remit Reporting mechanism The Advanced Training Committee reports to Specialty Education
Umbilical Cord Blood Banking (Scientific Impact Paper No. 2)
This paper provides advice on various issues related to cord blood banking, including the science, clinical use, safety and legal issues.
eJournals, eBooks and databases
The RCOG library holds a unique collection of journals, many of which are available electronically to Fellows, Members, Trainees, Associates and Affiliates. As well as the eJournals, our online resources also include eBooks and databases. eJournals and
Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons (NOTSS) tool
Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons (NOTSS) forms are now available on the ePortfolio for Gynaecological Surgery and Labour Ward. NOTSS is a behavioural marker system, which allows trainers to give feedback to colleagues and trainees based on structured

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