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How to register for an APM
To register for an Advanced Professional Module (APM), you need to apply prospectively to the RCOG. Before applying If you are an NTN holder, you should discuss your APM plans with your clinical educational supervisor If you are a consultant /
The problem of obstetric fistulae: a personal view
This is one of the stories from the September 2012 issue of International News. Michael Bishop is a retired consultant urologist who has had a long career working in fistula care in countries such as Uganda, Sudan and more recently Nepal. In this
Subspecialty training: FAQs
Answers to frequently asked questions about subspecialty training I'm considering subspecialty training – what do I need to do? Who’s eligible for subspecialty training? How do I apply for subspecialty training? How much does subspecialty training
ARCP outcomes at key way points
This page provides guidance for trainees and trainers about ARCP outcomes at key way points, including guidance for ST2 trainees who fail the Part 1 MRCOG, and ST5 trainees who fail the Part 2 MRCOG. Key way points in O&G training There are key way
Thematic analysis 4: Neonatal care
  Over 80% of the babies reported to Each Baby Counts fall into one of two categories: babies who die within the first 7 days of life, and those who sustain a severe brain injury.   As the majority of these babies will have received neonatal
Subspecialty Committee
Meeting dates (10:00 start) 2020 Tuesday 4 February 2020 Friday 15 May 2020 Friday 4 September 2020 Wednesday 11 November 2020 2021 15 February 2021 27 May 2021 15 September 2021   Remit Reporting mechanism The Subspecialty Committee reports
Implementation note 5
ST6/7 and Non-training Grade Doctors: Moving to the new Curriculum 2019 The purpose of this Note is to provide an update on the transition to the new ePortfolio for ST6s, 7s and non-training grade doctors. It will also be relevant to all
Copyright FAQs
Frequently asked questions about reproducing third-party content in a presentation. The information is designed to ensure RCOG conference presenters follow all guidelines and request all necessary permissions to use material in their
MRCOG Part 3 November 2020
In response to the ongoing global pandemic, the RCOG has taken the difficult decision to run the Part 3 exam in the UK only for solely UK trainees. To allow for social distancing requirements it will be run from 2–5 November 2020. This decision has been
Diversity policy
The College recognises the value of having a diverse workforce and aims to ensure our people processes are fair, equitable and free from any form of discrimination. We aim to: Enrich diversity at all levels of the organisation Improve the diversity mix

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