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Using donor sperm, eggs, embryos, or surrogacy
Some people may need to consider using eggs, sperm or embryos from a donor. This can be because of fertility problems which make it necessary to use donor eggs or sperm, or it may be for single women or same-sex couples. In other cases, if a woman
Vulval Carcinoma, Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of
This guideline addresses issues of referral for investigation and confirmation, diagnostic procedures and management of vulval carcinoma. The guideline covers all invasive vulval cancers of any histological type.
Key NHS resources and references
NHS resources NHS Improvement: ‘Civility and Respect Toolkit’ Social Partnership Forum: Creating a culture of civility, compassion & respect An Alliance Against Bullying, Undermining and Harassment in the NHS NHS Scotland: Bullying and Harassment
RCOG comments on the restructuring of Public Health England
Commenting on the announcement made on Tuesday 18th August by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to restructure Public Health England (PHE) into the National Institute for Health Protection, Dr Ranee Thakar, Senior Vice President of the
Umbilical Cord Blood Banking (Scientific Impact Paper No. 2)
This paper provides advice on various issues related to cord blood banking, including the science, clinical use, safety and legal issues.
Part 1 MRCOG: FAQs
Answers to frequently asked questions about the Part 1 MRCOG How do I apply to sit the Part 1 MRCOG? Who should I make my payment to? What documents do I need to send in with my application? What can I send as proof of my primary medical degree? Where
Information about abortion care
This patient information leaflet provides advice for women who are considering having an abortion.
Staff structure
The College's Board of Trustees, Council, Officers and Committees are supported by around 150 members of staff. This page sets out how the College’s staffing structure is organised.   The College's staff are divided into the following
Why your weight matters during pregnancy and after birth
This RCOG patient information leaflet has now been archived.
RCOG/BMS response to Breast Cancer Now study on HRT use and breast cancer risk
The Breast Cancer Now Generations Study, published today in the British Journal of Cancer, suggests that previous studies may have underestimated the increased risk of breast cancer associated with HRT use.

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