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4. How do I speak to a person who I feel has behaved poorly towards me?
It can be extremely challenging to address negative behaviours when you have been on the receiving end. It can be hard to separate the emotion which is entangled in the event and to remain objective. There may be a disparity in seniority. It is also
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3. Do Workplace Behaviour Champions really make a difference?
Yes, Workplace Behaviour Champions help set the tone and culture for a department and they do work. As well as their practical role in listening, liaising and signposting, they symbolise the importance of workplace behaviours for staff wellbeing and
Each Baby Counts - Recommendations to Reality: How to Implement Guidelines
Fee: £95 incl VATSunday 16 June 0900–1300Max capacity 20 - Limited places remaining This workshop will include: Revision of key recommendations and implementation strategies from the Each Baby Counts November 2018 report Demonstration of human factors
An Update of Common Problems and Current Issues in Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology
Fee: £150 incl VATSunday 16 June 1400–1800Max capacity 30 Adolescents represent one quarter of the world’s population and have specific health needs. This workshop will provide an update for those who see adolescents and children as part of their
Sister Fawzia Samuels
Leading Safe Choices (LSC) Postpartum Family Planning Mentor, Sister Fawzia Samuels, from Mitchells Plain Community Health Clinic (CHC) & Midwife Obstetrics Unit (MOU) In December 2016, Sister Fawzia Samuels was certified competent in postpartum
Practical Obstetric Critical Care in Low Economic Settings
Advances in maternal mortality and maternal near miss in low Resource Countries (AMMAN-LSC)   Location: Medical Simulation Center, Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) Cost: US $130 Timings: 09:10 - 17:00 Objectives To improve health care
The Each Baby Counts assessors have concluded that in 24% of Each Baby Counts babies, different care might not have made a difference to the outcome. In such circumstances, maternity teams must ensure a robust, thorough, open and honest review is
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Sister Mandy Saambou
Sister Mandy Saambou, Leading Safe Choices Mentor in postpartum family planning, shares her experience of working in the Western Cape, South Africa. I am one of the first Leading Safe Choices mentors in postpartum family planning. I started at Mitchells

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