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Your right to be informed
The right to be informed gives you the right to find out how your data is being collected and used. This right ensures transparency on how your data is processed. The College is obliged to inform you in our privacy information at the point of
Planning a return to work
  Overview Before you return to work Other considerations     Return To Work Toolkit Trainees Consultants, SAS and Non-training doctors Supervisors Resources Developing a Return To Work course About this toolkit
I feel I have witnessed bullying or undermining
Module 2 is designed for individuals who think they have witnessed poor workplace behaviours, such as bullying or undermining. This is a very difficult thing to witness and you are not alone. 1. Is what I have witnessed bullying or undermining? 2.
I am responsible for a department that has a problem with bullying or undermining
Module 4 is largely designed to support those in positions of responsibility within their department. However, its content may be useful to individuals of all level of seniority, and across all departments. 1. What might poor workplace behaviour in
Training data analysis
Training data analysis 2019 See our detailed analysis of training evaluation data Training data analysis 2018 See our detailed analysis of training evaluation data, including a summary of conclusions and recommendations (PDF) from all reports
ENTOG Exchange report, Warsaw 2019
Background The European Network of Trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ENTOG) was formed in 1997 with the aim of achieving collaborative opportunities between trainees in Europe. The objective was to gain a better understanding of training in
Thank you
Thank you for entering your information and applying to be part of the RCOG Women’s Voices Involvement Panel. You will now be added onto the database for the Women’s Voices Involvement Panel and you will soon receive your first email newsletter with
Running regional education programmes – information for trainers
This page provides guidance on how to set up and manage a regional education programme in O&G. Who’s responsible? Deaneries working through their School Board are better placed than the College to organise a regional education programme of
Tackling maternal mortality in Ethiopia
Only 51% of Ethiopia’s hospitals provide full emergency obstetric and neonatal care, so when birthing complications occur, it can often result in loss of life. Dr Kate Darlow spent 6 months as a VSO volunteer at Felege Hiwot Hospital in Bahir Dar,
Obituary: Alastair David McIntosh
Alastair David (as he was known) McIntosh debated in this Council chamber over 40 years ago. Born in 1921, he was educated at the Royal High School in Edinburgh where his father was an art teacher. In keeping with tradition at this time he went to

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