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2209 - Corniche Hospital - Abu Dhabi - ROBuST Feb
Corniche Hospital - Abu Dhabi - ROBuST Feb 53bae198-b355-4aee-81b9-0785aeda520d 1 1 Active Franchise Courses 2209 99 111 2209-Corniche-Hospital-Abu-Dhabi-ROBuST-Feb-en.aspx 2209 2209
2230 - Franchise - Part 2 Revision Course and Intro to Part 3 - Dubai - April 2019
MRCOG Final Preparation: Part 2 Revision Course and Intro to Part 3 MRCOG Final Preparation: Part 2 Revision Course and Intro to Part 3 This revision course is aimed at candidates preparing for the next Part 2 MRCOG exam. This is a one-day course
2237 - ROBuST - Leicester Royal Infirmary - April 2019
ROBuST - Leicester Royal Infirmary - April 2019 53bae198-b355-4aee-81b9-0785aeda520d 1 1 Active Leicester Royal Infirmary Franchise
Sex Steroid Treatment for Pubertal Induction and Replacement in the Adolescent Girl (Scientific Impact Paper No. 40)
This paper discusses the timing of sex steroid treatments to induce puberty and the research conducted in this area.
RCOG prizes and award winners 2018
Calcutta Eden Hospital Annual Prize Hiba Khan York Hospital ETHICON Student Elective Amy Hough University of Exeter / London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine ETHICON Student Elective Zahirah Solim Newcastle
Alfie's story
Kym Field shares her son Alfie's story, in support of the Each Baby Counts project. On 19th December 2015, I went into hospital to be induced after my waters had broken but active labour hadn’t followed. I was able to start the syntocinon drip
Officers' update, June 2015
Professor Lesley Regan, RCOG Vice President Strategic Development, writes... By the end of 2015, our world will have witnessed the death of another 300,000 pregnant women. Since the vast majority of these deaths are preventable with cheap drugs and
RCOG National Trainer of the Year Award 2017
The winner of the third annual RCOG Trainer of the Year Award is Miss Ellen Knox, Consultant in Fetal and Maternal Medicine at Birmingham Women’s Hospital.  She is recognised for her outstanding contribution to education and training. The Trainer
Policy update, April 2017
This is your monthly round-up of recent national health policy developments for 10 March to 13 April If you have any comments or if there is anything else you would like to see in the round-up please contact us at:
Obituary: Professor Sir John Dewhurst
2nd July 1920 – 1st December 2006 Christopher John Dewhurst, Jack, was born in Garstang, Lancashire, son of John Dewhurst, a market gardener and Agnes, a District Nurse. He was brought up in Poulton and was a staunch supporter of Blackpool Football Club

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