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Each Baby Counts + Learn and Support
Each Baby Counts + Learn and Support is a joint initiative between the RCOG and Royal College of Midwives (RCM) to help improve maternity care in England. The project will look at issues around workplace culture and staff wellbeing. We are working with
Other options to parenthood and living without children
Fertility treatment does not always work, and some couples decide it is not for them. If this is the case, there are other options to parenthood to consider, such as adoption or fostering.Alternatively, you may want to know more about the experiences
Lifestyle and fertility for men and women
Your lifestyle can make a difference to your fertility, for both men and women. Smoking, drinking to excess, being very overweight or underweight and using anabolic steroids (often given in illicit supplements used in gyms) can all affect your
Reconfiguration of Women’s Services in the UK (Good Practice No. 15)
This guidance explains the principles that should be adhered to during the planning and process of reconfiguring women’s health services.
MCAI project: Training midwives in emergency obstetric surgery in Liberia
Please note that this is not an RCOG Fellowship and all enquiries should be made to MCAI directly. Seeking senior obstetricians to train experienced midwives in advanced obstetrics including abdominal surgery in Liberia  The international medical
DRCOG format and pass mark
Format and pass mark of the RCOG’s Diploma exam, the DRCOG Format The DRCOG exam changes to a new format from October 2020. The RCOG has been closely monitoring the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In reaction to the current global crisis we
FAQs on the OASI Care Bundle project
Frequently asked questions about the OASI Care Bundle Project OASI2 project OASI FAQs have been updated, and can now be seen on the OASI2 FAQs page
Global Health Clinical Study Group
This page provides information about the Global Health Clinical Study Group (CSG). Chair: Professor Peter von Dadelszen It is the most newly-formed of the College’s CSGs. The intent of this CSG is to catalyse best-in-class research that is relevant
Working during pregnancy: advice for trainees
This section of the site provides information for O&G trainees about working during pregnancy and maternity leave. It provides general guidance on the legal framework, service commitments, individual circumstances and continued training. Always
ATSM Educational Supervisor: job description
ATSM Educational Supervisors undertake the day-to-day, hands-on training of trainees in all aspects of the curriculum at trust level. This will also include workplace-based assessments and providing feedback to the trainee. The ATSM Educational

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