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Table of potential allowable courses and expenses
This page provides examples of potential allowable courses and expenses that could be claimed back in tax relief, the example below is for October 2014. Category  Item  Name of core ATSM module  Registration fees  Annual
Ranee Thakar FRCOG
Statement for Vice Presidential election 2019 I have a dynamic and forward-thinking vision for the RCOG. I believe that the College is ideally placed to play a crucial role in discussions on innovation, improvement and service delivery. We should have
The influence of external factors
External factors can come from many places. They include tiredness, hunger, time constraints, feeling under pressure or being in an unfamiliar or new environment to name a few. External stressors can impact how you interpret the situation around you and
In a meeting
In healthcare we work closely with a wide range of colleagues, and maintaining professional dialogue is important. Communication – both verbal and non-verbal – are key to ensuring smooth transactions. Meetings provide a particular communication
General steps to address problematic / poor behaviours
Be honest but kind to yourself if behaviours were inadvertent Ask for advice when you need it Look after your wellbeing Apologise for hostile/negative behaviours when they occur Educate yourself on the topic by exploring this toolkit and signposted
Each Baby Counts: 2019 progress report
Each Baby Counts is a national quality improvement programme led by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) to reduce the number of babies who die, or are left severely disabled, as a result of incidents occurring during term
Core Curriculum: CiP 5
Capability in Practice 5: The doctor takes an active role in helping self and others to develop themselves. This CiP is grouped under Professional Identity 1: Healthcare Professional.   Key Skills Descriptors Maintains situational
Reproductive Outcomes after Local Treatment for Preinvasive Cervical Disease (Scientific Impact Paper No.21)
This Scientific Impact Paper attempts to present the current evidence and future research required, with particular focus on UK practice.
Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Endometrial Cancer (Scientific Impact Paper No.51)
This Scientific Impact Paper discusses the potential benefits of SLNB, those women with endometrial cancer who may be most suitable for SLNB, and detection and analysis techniques.
Each Baby Counts
Women’s Voices members Michelle Hemmington and Nicky Lyon have sat on the project advisory group for the RCOG’s Each Baby Counts (EBC) project since it began. Michelle talks about their involvement and other work to improve safety in women and

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