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CPD & revalidation
Advice and resources to help clinicians with their continuing professional development (CPD), revalidation and appraisal
Engaging with the public
This page provides information on how the College works with the public to improve women’s health care. RCOG Women’s Network The RCOG Women’s Network advises the College on issues affecting women during pregnancy, labour and birth, as well as
Assertiveness at work: advice for trainees on dealing with undermining
This page provides information from the RCOG Trainees’ Committee on how to deal with undermining (bullying) in the workplace. Undermining: the RCOG’s position Undermining and bullying behaviour has long been recognised as a problem for trainees in
Recommendations – neonatal involvement in reviews
   Recommendation All reviews of liveborn Each Baby Counts babies must involve neonatologists/neonatal nurses.   Neonatal reviewers indicated that the information contained in the local review relating to the neonatal care of the baby
A letter from Sussex Place, October 2011
Wendy Reid, Vice President, writes.... I am delighted to write my first ‘Letter from Sussex Place’ as our new Honorary Secretary, Ian Currie, has just taken up his post. We are delighted to welcome Ian to the Officers’ team and look forward to his
Approval of CPD activities
This page provides information about approval of continuing professional development (CPD) activities arranged by external organisers and suspected falsification of CPD evidence. If you’re a provider of CPD activities, please read the RCOG’s advice for
RCOG statement on new research on drinking during pregnancy
New research published in BMJ Open suggests evidence for the potentially harmful effects of light or occasional drinking in pregnancy is 'surprisingly limited', but women are still better off avoiding all alcohol while pregnant.
Ultrasound Educational Supervisor: job description
Local Ultrasound Educational Supervisors have formal responsibility for coordinating the delivery of basic ultrasound modules within their units. They will also be responsible for direct supervision of intermediate ultrasound modules and allocation of
The public awareness of stillbirth: an Irish population study
Plain language summary from BJOG's Stillbirth themed issueRead the full study This study aimed to find out what the general public know about the risk factors associated with stillbirth and whether stillbirth can be prevented. Many stillbirth risk
Curriculum 2019 implementation
Changes to the RCOG's curricula

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