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MRCOG Part II OSCE Revision Course (non-RCOG course)
MRCOG Part II OSCE Revision Course (non-RCOG course) 53bae198-b355-4aee-81b9-0785aeda520d 2 Overview 2 Overview One day intensive course Go direct to: 19 April: 20 April:
MRCOG Part-3 Preparatory Course Dubai
MRCOG Part-3 Preparatory Course – Dubai (non-RCOG course) 53bae198-b355-4aee-81b9-0785aeda520d 2 2 Active Ramada Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai Non RCOG The MRCOG course in Dubai is designed to provide a solid core
NW Part 3 MRCOG Course
NW Part 3 MRCOG Course (non-RCOG course) 53bae198-b355-4aee-81b9-0785aeda520d 2 2 Active St. Mary’s Hospital, Manchester Non RCOG Introduction to Part 3 exam + practice sessions. Full circuit with participants
COVID Maternity Equality Project (CMEP)
The Health Foundation has awarded a grant for a project looking at whether changes to maternity care during the COVID-19 pandemic have affected existing inequalities. Background In the UK, there are significant inequalities in maternity care and
Revised guidance published on gaining valid consent in O&G
Revised guidance for healthcare professionals on gaining valid consent from patients is published today by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG).
Vasa Praevia: Diagnosis and Management (Green-top Guideline 27b)
This guideline describes the diagnostic modalities and reviews the evidence-based approach to the clinical management of pregnancies complicated by vasa praevia.
In a meeting
In healthcare we work closely with a wide range of colleagues, and maintaining professional dialogue is important. Communication – both verbal and non-verbal – are key to ensuring smooth transactions. Meetings provide a particular communication
Trainees' update: How to give a good teaching session
As part of our academic career we will all be asked to teach, give oral presentations, and deliver lectures. As we become more experienced in this, the quality of our presentations will automatically improve. Here are a few tips when preparing a good
Potential for harm as a result of off-licence use of Hibitane (chlorhexidine 1%)
Off-licence use of Hibitane (chlorhexidine 1%) has led to chemical burns when gauze swabs soaked in the cream have been left in situ. The NHS England/RCOG Women’s Health Patient Safety Expert Group (PSEG) has been made aware of three separate incidents
Process Indicators are statistics that can describe clinical performance.  They can be used for identifying possible problems and opportunities for improvement, informing policymaking and comparative benchmarking. A number of national initiatives

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