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Consultation for the NICE guideline on Twin and Triplet Pregnancy (an update of the Multiple Pregnancy guideline)
Consultation is now open on the NICE guideline on twin and triplet pregnancy The guideline enables healthcare professionals and the woman who is pregnant with twins or triplets to engage in shared decision making about investigations and care during her
Core Curriculum: CiP 14
Capability in Practice 14: The doctor takes an active role in implementing public health priorities for women and works within local, national and international structures to promote health and prevent disease. This CiP is grouped under Professional
RCOG strategy
The RCOG’s overarching aims and values, and our strategic plan for 2017–20. Aim, objectives and values Our aim is ‘to set standards to improve women’s health and the clinical practice of obstetrics and gynaecology in the British Isles and across the
RCM/RCOG joint statement on multidisciplinary working
The RCM and RCOG are committed to speaking with one voice on maternity safety and are united in their goal that every woman should have a good birth, with the best possible experience and outcomes for mother and her baby. They share a vision for a
Heavy menstrual bleeding affects many women
The condition heavy menstrual bleeding is sometimes overlooked and not talked about much, but it is a serious condition and affects around one in four women aged between 15 and 50.
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DRCOG: How to complete the SBA questions
Instructions for completing the extended matching questions (EMQ) and single best answer questions (SBA) for the DRCOG exam. General instructions Answer sheets The papers are marked by a computerised document reading machine. Answers should be
Dame Louise McIlroy (1878–1968)
Achievements: One of the founders of the Scottish Women's Hospitals during the First World War First woman professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at the Royal Free Hospital school of medicine, University of London Knighted: DBE in 1929 Remembered
ATSM: Subfertility and reproductive health
The subfertility and reproductive health ATSM will provide you with in-depth theoretical and practical training in the management of fertility-related conditions and reproductive endocrinology. Curriculum The subfertility and reproductive health ATSM
Induction of labour (NICE clinical guideline 70)
Induced labour has an impact on the birth experience of women. It may be less efficient and is usually more painful than spontaneous labour, and epidural analgesia and assisted delivery are more likely to be required.

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