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Council précis, November 2017
Précis from the Council meeting which took place on 24 and 25 November 2017 Estate Members of Council and the Board of Trustees visited Union Street, the College’s new home from December 2019. They then took part in a workshop to discuss and prioritise
Other activities and initiatives
Maternity workforce planning The RCOG sits on HEE’s Maternity Workforce Steering Group, Work Stream 5 of the Maternity Transformation Programme. HEE were tasked with delivering the vision set out in Better Births, this includes the provision of
Policy update, March 2017
This is your monthly round-up of recent national health policy developments for 10 February to 10 March If you have any comments or if there is anything else you would like to see in the round-up please contact us at: News/
Deanery Ultrasound Coordinator: job description
The Deanery Ultrasound Coordinator has formal responsibility for coordinating the delivery of the basic and intermediate ultrasound modules, and will ensure that the quality of training and assessment in ultrasound within their deanery is to a high
RCOG welcomes Vanessa Kingori MBE onto Race Equality Taskforce
The RCOG is extremely pleased to announce British Vogue Publishing Director, Vanessa Kingori MBE, will be joining as a member of the College’s Race Equality Taskforce.  
ENTOG meeting report, Netherlands 2015
In 2015, the 25th ENTOG exchange took place in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The exchange took place over three working days in host hospitals all around the country and was the 3rd time that the ENTOG exchange has been hosted by the Netherlands since its
Background: Healthcare regarding violence against women and girls
Violence against women and girls, including domestic violence and female genital mutilation (FGM), is surrounded by 3 common themes: stigma, silence and shame. Fear of repercussions, persecution or prosecution, whether it be from the community, a family
RCOG statement: Lancet study examining the effect of maternal exposure to air pollution on birth weight
A study published today in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, examines the effect of maternal exposure to low concentrations of ambient air pollution on birth weight, as ambient air pollution has previously been associated with restricted fetal growth.
Maternity audit publishes report to help NHS services deliver improvements
The National Maternity and Perinatal Audit (NMPA) today publishes a major clinical report that identifies areas of good practice and opportunities for improvement in the care of women and babies in maternity services across Britain.
“Having a career break was the best decision ever. In 2-3 weeks of being back I felt confident at work again thanks to great support from my supervisor” Once you have decided on your return date, you should contact your Educational Supervisor to

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