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The very fact that so many people were happy to be interviewed about the project was indicative of the regard that the programme is held in. The value and impact of the programme is not just in the Each Baby Counts criteria that underpin many safety
Key clinical findings
Babies reported to Each Baby Counts Final results for babies born in 2017 who were reported to Each Baby Counts. 651,587 Term babies born in the UK in 2018 1145 Eligible babies reported 687 Babies fully reported and the reviews appraised by at
Giving feedback / performance management
Giving feedback in an effective and productive way is a key aspect of a positive workplace culture. If done well it allows increased performance, confidence and resilience in the workplace.  If done poorly it can be destructive and have negative
In theatre
Theatre presents a challenge as multiple demands commonly converge, such as patient safety, training of juniors, time pressure, and external demands. Those new to the team and the environment will find this environment particularly challenging. In this
A career in O&G: case studies
Many doctors find a career in obstetrics and gynaecology (O&G) exciting and fulfilling. There’s a great variety of work within the specialty. Here, some doctors explain what working in O&G means to them. We hope this will give you some insights
Refugee doctors
The RCOG is aware of the large number of refugee doctors in the UK, a number of whom have previous experience in O&G and who are having difficulty keeping their medical knowledge up to date. We therefore provide refugee doctors access to a number
CPD special circumstances guidance
There may be times in your career when full participation in the RCOG CPD programme may be difficult or even undesirable for personal or family reasons. Maintaining knowledge is one of the requirements for revalidation, and the revalidation cycle
Calley's test page
Leave us a gift in your will
You can leave your mark on the future of the RCOG by supporting us with a gift in your will. Every gift, large or small, helps us to advance the clinical practice of obstetrics and gynaecology, and advocate for global improvements in women’s health
College coat of arms and logo
The College’s coat of arms was designed to reflect the profession of obstetrics and gynaecology and its practitioners. Coat of arms The College was granted its coat of arms in 1931. It comprises the following

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