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Core module 9: Maternal medicine
The maternal medicine core module will help you understand and demonstrate appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes in relation to maternal medicine. Available resources A list of all RCOG resources available for the maternal medicine core
Terms and conditions
This page sets out the terms and conditions for RCOG exams, events and social events. Exams Read the terms and conditions (regulations) for the RCOG’s exams: Part 1 MRCOG regulations Part 2 MRCOG regulations Part 3 MRCOG regulations DRCOG
Useful resources for trainees
Useful resources to support you during your training Glossary of terms For definitions of key acronyms and terms you’ll come across during your training: Read the RCOG’s glossary of terms Read the GMC’s glossary for the regulation of medical education
Part 2 MRCOG exam
Everything you need to know about the Part 2 MRCOG exam If you're an exam candidate, check this section of the website regularly to keep up to date. The RCOG website was unfortunately unavailable for a short period on Wednesday 28 October, which we are
Supporting academic trainees
This page provides information about the ways in which the RCOG supports postgraduate academic trainees. Academic trainees’ Google Group The RCOG Academic Trainees’ Google Group provides you with a confidential way to communicate and network with other
MRCOG Part II OSCE Weekend (non-RCOG course)
MRCOG Part II OSCE Weekend (non-RCOG course) 53bae198-b355-4aee-81b9-0785aeda520d 2 2 Active London Non RCOG This is a three day intensive preparatory course, which includes 12 stations OCSE
NW Part 2 MRCOG course
NW Part 2 MRCOG course (non-RCOG course) 53bae198-b355-4aee-81b9-0785aeda520d 2 2 Active Stockport Non RCOG Three full mock exams with feedback. Key topic lectures. Directors: Dr. Varsha Mulik, Dr. Tom
NW Part 2 MRCOG course
NW Part 2 MRCOG course (non-RCOG course) 53bae198-b355-4aee-81b9-0785aeda520d 2 2 Active Chancellor's Hotel, Manchester Non RCOG 3 full mock exams with detailed feedback Key topic lectures: cancer, uro-gynae
Obstetric Ultrasound Foundation Course
Obstetric Ultrasound Foundation Course 53bae198-b355-4aee-81b9-0785aeda520d 2 2 Active Hammersmith Hospital Non RCOG This course is ideal for anyone who is starting out on their scanning career
Royal London MRCOG OSCE Course (non-RCOG course) 53bae198-b355-4aee-81b9-0785aeda520d 2 Overview 2 Intensive, focused revision MRCOG Part 2 OSCE course. Faculty from the London deanery. Four full RCOG style OSCE circuits over 2 long days. Dedicated

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