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Key messages
Research or audit activity should be commissioned to further investigate ‘therapeutic creep’ and how this might account for a lack of change in the Each Baby Counts numbers over time. A structured and consistent approach to recording local
3. Functional limitations
3.1 Need for action The lack of implementation and evaluation work following the Each Baby Counts findings was frequently mentioned as being a limitation of the programme. There was a real sense that the findings had shone a light on many of the factors
Staff wellbeing
Happy and healthy staff are more likely to be kind and civil at work.  Therefore staff wellbeing is always important.  If your department has problems with poor workplace culture or behaviours then your staff may be in particular need of
Thank you
  Thank you for submitting a nomination for a role on the RCOG Trainees' Committee.   Contact us Should you have any queries, please contact  
Obituary: Winnifred Jean Alexander Francis
Tribute to Winnie Francis – RCOG Council, Saturday 24th November 2007. Winnifred Jean Aleaxander Francis (nee Graham) was born 25th October 1926 and died 13th September 2007 at the age of 80. If I was to use one word to describe her it would have to be
Send us your stories about human rights in women’s health
Following the RCOG’s event to mark International Women’s Day 2014, which focused on human rights awareness in women’s health, we’re inviting you to send us your stories to help improve human rights teaching globally. Please tell us about your encounters
CPD FAQs: special circumstances
Information on special circumstances that might affect a doctor’s ability to participate in CPD See also the full RCOG CPD guidance for doctors in special circumstances. Doctors excluded from work CPD during illness (planned and unplanned) Return to
Testing, testing
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