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Obituary: Victor Ronald Tindall
A tribute given at the July 2010 meeting of Council Victor Ronald Tindall, past Vice President and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, St Mary’s Hospital Manchester, sadly died on June 11th, 2010. Vic as he was affectionately known excelled in two
Thank you
  Thank you for submitting a nomination for a role on the RCOG Trainees' Committee.   Contact us Should you have any queries, please contact  
Tips on case ascertainment for Lead Reporters
Below is one of the case studies written by contributors to the Each Baby Counts project. Tips on case ascertainment for Lead Reporters Hannah Knight, Each Baby Counts Project LeadEmily Petch, Each Baby Counts Project Coordinator We’ve
Laparoscopic Suturing Workshop
Location: OCEC Cost: US $260 Timings: 08:00 - 16:30 Overview This is a full day workshop that offers an opportunity to learn fundamentals of laparoscopic suturing and practice on various laparoscopic suturing techniques. The workshop is targeting those
Hands-on Repair of 3rd and 4th Degree Obstetric Tears Workshop
Venue: College of Medicine, Sultan Qaboos University, Anatomy lab and Annexe building Cost: US $312 Timings: 08:00-16:00 Overview The workshop will feature lectures followed by hand on practice on cow sphincters. Learning Objectives Learn tips and
The learning and legacy of Each Baby Counts
In this report, the Each Baby Counts project team presents findings from qualitative work exploring stakeholders’ reflections on the Each Baby Counts programme, with a focus on 4 main topics: 1. Drivers and aims of Each Baby Counts 2. Value and
Key messages
Research or audit activity should be commissioned to further investigate ‘therapeutic creep’ and how this might account for a lack of change in the Each Baby Counts numbers over time. A structured and consistent approach to recording local
VSO work in Kenya
Jessica Moore reports on her experiences on a VSO placement in Kenya. Having reached year 4 of SpR training in South Thames, I decided I needed a change of scene. I wanted to travel to a developing country and see a different kind of obstetrics and
3.3 Genomics in oncology
These resources have been reviewed by a panel of consultants and trainees. Quotes have been provided by this panel.   3.3.1 Genomics and cancer care Video 4min How genomics is used in cancer care. Improved technologies, increased understanding of
Parent foreword
Foreword by bereaved parents and members of the Each Baby Counts Advisory Group Back in 2013, the two of us were bereaved mothers not only trying to understand why our sons had died but also trying to investigate how many other babies across the country

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