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Deanery Ultrasound Coordinators
Contact details for Deanery Ultrasound Coordinators in the UK Deanery Ultrasound Coordinators are responsible for coordinating the delivery of the basic and intermediate ultrasound modules, and for ensuring that the quality of training and assessment
The O&G Workforce Infographics
Develop and maintain your O&G skills
This page provides information about the benefits of becoming an RCOG Associate. You can view the full list of Associate benefits here.  Best practice We encourage all our members to remain up to date and do their best for their patients. We
Managing local/regional education – information for trainers
This section of the site provides suggestions for trainers on how to deliver O&G training at a local or regional level. It covers: How to deal with poorly performing trainees How to set up and run a regional education programme Top tips for College

This document outlines the processes used in producing a scope for the development of an RCOG Green-top Guideline.
In 2016, following extensive consultation with members, a number of changes have been made to the RCOG’s Regulations to improve the openness and transparency of College governance. This page sets out the changes, and the background to this
RCOG statement on Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. To mark the month the national cancer charity Target Ovarian Cancer has released statistics from their Pathfinder Study of the general population about the cancer which showed that 47% of women incorrectly
Clinical Indicators Programme
The Clinical Indicators Programme consists of a number of projects aiming to develop clinically relevant, methodologically robust performance indicators for obstetric and gynaecological care using currently available data. This information will be used
CPD registration form
To register to join the RCOG’s continuing professional development (CPD) programme, please complete the form below. Please note: only Members of the College (MRCOG, FRCOG or Associates) are eligible to register on the RCOG CPD programme. Those
Constitution of the Blair Bell Research Society
1. Blair Bell Research Society constitution The Blair Bell Research Society was established in 1962 by Carl Wood and Jack Pinkerton as an “informal but informed research society”. Over the years, RCOG Presidents have acted in turn as President of the

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