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Applying for time out of programme (OOP)
Guidance on how to apply for time out of programme (OOP) There are 2 different processes: Time out of programme for clinical experience (OOPE), time out of programme for a career break (OOPC), and time out of programme for research (OOPR)
ENTOG Exchange report, Antwerp, Belgium 2010
At the beginning of May, I was one of two RCOG sponsored, UK trainees who travelled to Belgium to participate in the twentieth ENTOG exchange programme and meeting. The European Network of Trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ENTOG) exists to promote
UK & Republic of Ireland: subscription payment
The annual subscriptions structure for UK* & Republic of Ireland RCOG Fellows and Members. *UK includes those resident in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Gibraltar and HM British Armed Forces. Read the full subscription structure Fellows and
Knowledge Area 13 – Early pregnancy care
Capability in practice (CiP) 1: The doctor is able to apply medical knowledge, clinical skills and professional values for the provision of high-quality and safe patient-centred care 6: The doctor takes an active role in helping self and others to
Attending Congress with babies and children
We want to make it as easy as possible for parents and carers to attend Congress so the RCOG has made the following provision for those delegates wishing to bring babies and children with them. General rules and guidance Babies under the age of 1yr are
Enhanced Revision Programme Moderator job description
The RCOG is keen to recruit Fellows and Members as moderators to deliver a Part 2 MRCOG Enhanced Revision Programme to candidates preparing for the Part 2 MRCOG exam. The moderators will work in pairs and be responsible for conducting the virtual
Part 2 MRCOG: SBAs (single best answer questions)
This page provides information on the single best answer question (SBA) component of the Part 2 MRCOG exam, which will be a part of the Part 2 exam from March 2015. Answering the questions For each paper, the SBA answer sheet is numbered 1–50. Against
Course syllabus for the benign gynaecological surgery: hysteroscopy ATSM
The benign gynaecological surgery: hysteroscopy ATSM course syllabus below lists the minimum requirements for a course to be suitable for the theoretical component of this module. The course should last 3 days. Any times given or descriptions of
FAQs from lead reporters
Answers to frequently asked questions from lead reporters about the Each Baby Counts project Frequently asked questions How long will it take me to fill in the form? I’m struggling to fill in the online form, are there any training materials
Harry’s story
Nicky Lyon shares her son Harry’s story, in support of the Each Baby Counts project. My son, Harry, was born with profound brain damage due to lack of oxygen at birth after what should have been a ‘normal’ hospital labour. I was ‘low risk’, had no

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