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OSATS, advanced laparoscopic surgery for the excision of benign disease ATSM
This page sets out the OSATS requirements for the ATSM in advanced laparoscopic surgery for the excision of benign disease. You have to be competent in: Cystoscopy Excise rectovaginal endometriosis Excision of side-wall endometriosis Hassan entry Knot
Information for speakers and chairs
Information, forms, documents required to speak or chair at an RCOG event Booking your travel Expenses Guidance for speakers and chairs Travel insurance   Booking your travel All travel must be in line with the RCOG’s travel
RCOG statement: RCOG launches new national guideline development centre
The RCOG is pleased to announce the launch of the National Guideline Alliance, a new guideline development centre commissioned to produce guidelines on behalf of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). 
Perineal tearing is a national issue we must address
We know that around 90% of women tear during childbirth; however some women can suffer from more severe forms of tearing, which can significantly damage the anal sphincter, the muscle that controls the anus.
Workforce challenges
  Trainee attrition GMC data show a significant number of trainees who start the O&G training programme but do not finish. An attrition rate of 30% in any region is not unusual, with rates ranging from 29% to 37% (HEE/GMC).   Recent RCOG
Obituary: Petronella Clarke
Petronella Cornelia Leighton was born in 1938 to a Dutch mother and English father. Petronella spent time in Surrey during the Blitz after the insurance company where her father worked was bombed. She married Peter Clarke in 1976 and had two
Consider resilience training within teams
This is one of the recommendations from the ‘departmental’ section of the RCOG/RCM undermining toolkit. Consider resilience training within teams Receiving support from colleagues has been identified as a crucial element to building resilience
Obituary: Victor Ronald Tindall
A tribute given at the July 2010 meeting of Council Victor Ronald Tindall, past Vice President and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, St Mary’s Hospital Manchester, sadly died on June 11th, 2010. Vic as he was affectionately known excelled in two
2405 - Franchise - Final Preparation Part 2 Revision Course - Malaysia - May 2020
MRCOG Final Preparation: Part 2 Revision Course MRCOG Final Preparation: Part 2 Revision Course International Part 2 Revision Course that takes place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Part 2 Revision Course, Franchise Part 2 Revision Course, Part 2
RCOG policy briefing: New advice on alcohol consumption levels in pregnancy
The Chief Medical Officers of all four nations of the UK have published (8 January 2016) new guidelines on alcohol consumption.

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