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Access to accurate education and information
Girls and women should feel confident to seek advice and talk about common health problems. This chapter considers how embarrassment, stigma, fear of pain and a lack of accessible information stop women from talking about their health and seeking
Scottish Confidential Audit of Severe Maternal Morbidity
The Scottish Confidential Audit of Severe Maternal Morbidity by Healthcare Improvement Scotland looks at data from 2012. The 10th Annual Report also looks back over the last 10 years.
RCOG co-launches new digital tool to help prepare women for pregnancy
The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, in partnership with Tommy’s, Public Health England and the UCL Institute for Women’s Health, is delighted to announce the launch of a new digital tool, Planning for Pregnancy.
Presentations at Fertility Forum
  Presentations at the Fertility Forum event, held at the RCOG, on 30 March 2019.   Understanding your fertility and causes of subfertility, including investigations and how to seek advice – Raj Mathur 10:20 – 10:50 What can affect your
New SIP examines treatment options for chronic pelvic pain
When assessing and planning treatment for women with chronic pelvic pain, a condition affecting more than one million women in the UK, the key role of the central nervous system must be considered, suggests a new Scientific Impact Paper (SIP) published
International Women’s Day 2016: Joining up care in maternal mental health
On 4 March 2016, the RCOG celebrated International Women’s Day with an event focusing on ‘Joining up care in maternal mental health’. Expert speakers provided insights into the challenges involved in providing effective, joined-up maternal mental
Ascites in Ovarian Cancer Patients, Management of (Scientific Impact Paper No. 45)
This paper describes the aetiology, therapeutic options and research needs for the management of malignant ascites secondary to ovarian cancer.
Core module 11: Management of delivery
The management of delivery core module will help you understand and demonstrate appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes in relation to management of delivery. Available resources A list of all RCOG resources available for the management of
Heavy menstrual bleeding (NICE clinical guideline 44)
Heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) is defined as excessive menstrual blood loss which interferes with a woman's physical, social, emotional and/or material quality of life. It can occur alone or in combination with other symptoms.
Part 2 MRCOG: EMQs (extended matching questions)
The Extended matching question (EMQ) component of the Part 2 MRCOG exam Answering the questions Each EMQ answer sheet is numbered 1–50. Against each number there are 20 lozenges labelled A–T (not all the letters A–T may be used each time). Each question

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