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Core module 19: Developing professionalism
The developing professionalism core module will help you understand the skills and qualities required to be become a consultant and to develop the communication, team working and team leadership skills required. Available resources A list of all RCOG
Data protection policy
This policy sets out how the College handles personal information about people in line with data protection legislation and guidance. Scope The Data Protection Policy (the Policy) ensures the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (the
RCOG release: Updated advice on the diagnosis and treatment of women with PMS
The timing of symptoms and degree of impact on daily activity determines a diagnosis of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), state revised guidelines for healthcare professionals published today by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Meeting dates 2020 Friday 14 February: Council Meeting Saturday 15 February: Council Meeting and Members Admission Ceremony Friday 1 May: Council Meeting Friday 10 July: Council Meeting Friday 18 September: Council Meeting Friday 27 November:
Consider resilience training within teams
This is one of the recommendations from the ‘departmental’ section of the RCOG/RCM undermining toolkit. Consider resilience training within teams Receiving support from colleagues has been identified as a crucial element to building resilience
Core module 7: Surgical procedures
The surgical procedures core module will help you understand and demonstrate appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes in relation to surgical procedures. Available resources A list of all RCOG resources available for the surgical procedures core
Send us your stories about human rights in women’s health
Following the RCOG’s event to mark International Women’s Day 2014, which focused on human rights awareness in women’s health, we’re inviting you to send us your stories to help improve human rights teaching globally. Please tell us about your encounters
Thank you
  Thank you for entering your information and applying for the role on the RCOG Trainees' Committee.   Contact us Should you have any queries, please contact the Advanced Training Coordinator at  
Advanced academic career posts (following a PhD/MD)
Clinical Lectureship (CL) - England and Northern Ireland These are specialty training posts that incorporate academic training for doctors ST3 or above who have already completed a PhD or MD. These posts last up to four years with time usually divided
Get involved
  The RCOG has been working closely with the membership, through focus groups and surveys, to understand the extent and nature of their workforce challenges.   We want to develop meaningful and sustainable solutions, and we're keen that all

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