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Changes to the MRCOG exam in September 2016: FAQs
This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about the changes to the MRCOG exam in September 2016. Why is the change necessary? Will the fees change? Why are there separate fees for the Part 3 MRCOG exam? How does the new fee structure
OSATS, advanced laparoscopic surgery for the excision of benign disease ATSM
This page sets out the OSATS requirements for the ATSM in advanced laparoscopic surgery for the excision of benign disease. You have to be competent in: Cystoscopy Excise rectovaginal endometriosis Excision of side-wall endometriosis Hassan entry Knot
Obituary: John Newton
Tribute to John Newton given at Council on 7 April 2017 by Asha Kasliwal John had a long interest in women’s health. He chose obstetrics and gynaecology as his career and became a Member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG)
Feverish illness in children (NICE clinical guideline 160)
This guideline is designed to assist healthcare professionals in the initial assessment and immediate treatment of young children with fever presenting to primary or secondary care.
The new CPD Framework – an overview
This section of the site provides a brief overview of the new CPD Framework – including the two new key ideas of stages and dimensions. A 4-stage cycle The new CPD programme is built around a 4-stage cycle: Planning – allows you to determine your
Core Curriculum: CiP 8
Capability in Practice 8: The doctor is effective as a teacher and supervisor of healthcare professionals. This CiP is grouped under Professional Identity 2: Researcher, Scholar and Educator   Key Skills Descriptors Delivers effective
Academic O&G
Information and resources on academic work in obstetrics and gynaecology (O&G) Academic research and training at the RCOG The RCOG is strongly committed to academic O&G in terms of research, teaching and training. We work hard to improve
Ideal framework for supervisors
  Meeting pre-absence Meet with doctor pre-absence Set curriculum/logbook/CPD targets for before leave starts Discuss ways to maintain clinical knowledge whilst away Advises Occupational Health for Work place Risk Assessment as needed Complete
Course syllabus for menopause ATSM
The menopause ATSM course syllabus below lists the minimum requirements for a course to be suitable for the theoretical component of this module. The course should last 2 days. Any times given or descriptions of activities within a course are given for
Local mum will run for mothers globally when she takes on the Edinburgh Marathon
Fiona Christie was left fighting for life after she lost three times the amount of blood in her body, following a dangerous complication that developed from giving birth to her daughter. The 39-year-old from Edinburgh suffered a major postpartum

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