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Completed projects
Completed RCOG audits and research projects   Maternity   GBS audit Evaluation of caesarean section rates using Hospital Episode Statistics Safer practice in intrapartum care: care bundle project Children’s and maternity services in
Training update, July 2016
Dr Ciaran Crowe, Trainee and member of the RCOG Workplace Behaviours Network, writes... Bullying is ‘persistent behaviour that is intimidating, degrading, offensive or malicious and undermines the self-esteem of the recipient’. Undermining is usually
Educational and Clinical Supervisors
  Supporting a doctor returning to work Facilitating supervision, developing a Return To Work policy, and ideal framework  Supporting a doctor in difficulty     Return To Work Toolkit Trainees Consultants, SAS and
Working patterns and retirement
1. General UK population Average age of retirement in the UK is 65.1 years for men and 63.9 years for women. The average retirement age of UK doctors contrasts with trends in the general population.   2. Across medicine 59.6 Average actual
Calley's test page
Refugee doctors
The RCOG is aware of the large number of refugee doctors in the UK, a number of whom have previous experience in O&G and who are having difficulty keeping their medical knowledge up to date. We therefore provide refugee doctors access to a number
Workplace equity officers/trainee representatives
This is one of the recommendations from the ‘unit, trust and local education provider’ section of the RCOG/RCM undermining toolkit. Workplace equity officers/trainee representatives Staff who support other staff can be key to successful
Masterclass in Management of PPH, February 2016
Many thanks for registering for Masterclass in Management of PPH on Tuesday 23rd February 2016. You will receive your certificate of attendance on completion of the online feedback form. Please therefore make sure your details under ‘My
Distractions as a cause of loss of situational awareness
  In one review analysed, a midwife had been assigned to care for two women in early labour, one of whom had been violent towards a midwife; the second woman was in early labour and then progressed unexpectedly quickly.   Situation “Midwife
Professor Lesley Regan awarded ACOG Honorary Fellowship
We are delighted to announce that Professor Lesley Regan, RCOG Vice President for Strategic Development, has been awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG).

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