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New SIP examines treatment options for chronic pelvic pain
When assessing and planning treatment for women with chronic pelvic pain, a condition affecting more than one million women in the UK, the key role of the central nervous system must be considered, suggests a new Scientific Impact Paper (SIP) published
Supporting academic trainees
This page provides information about the ways in which the RCOG supports postgraduate academic trainees. Academic trainees’ Google Group The RCOG Academic Trainees’ Google Group provides you with a confidential way to communicate and network with other
Equivalence Advisory Group
Meeting dates (10:00 start) 2020 Friday 24 January 2020 Thursday 13 February 2020 Thursday 19 March 2020 Thursday 16 April 2020 Thursday 14 May 2020 Thursday 18 June 2020 Thursday 16 July 2020 Thursday 13 August 2020 Thursday 17 September 2020 Thursday
RCOG Heritage: The Chamberlen Family
The original Chamberlen forceps were rediscovered under a secret trap-door in an attic in Woodham Mortimer Hall in Essex in 1813, by the mother-in-law of Dr William Codd, the then owner. The Chamberlen family had sold Woodham Mortimer Hall in 1715. The
Officers’ update, December 2014
Lesley Regan, Vice President Strategic Development, writes... I last wrote this letter just after taking up my newly created role as Vice President for strategic development, when I was still trying to tell the difference between hitting the ground
BJOG Editorial Board
Meeting dates (10:00 start) 2020 Wednesday 26 February 2020   Remit Reporting mechanism The BJOG Editorial Board reports to the Journals Business Development Committee.  Objectives The role of the Editorial Board is advisory. Responsibility
Implementation and resources
Welcome to the RCOG Each Baby Counts Implementation mini site. We are committed to making sure that the recommendations that have come out of the programme so far are implemented, and I hope that you find the resources and training tools here of

This guideline has been updated. The management and diagnosis of placenta praevia and placenta accreta is addressed in Green-top Guideline No. 27a, and the management and diagnosis of vasa praevia is addressed in Green-top Guideline No. 27b.
RCOG museum
The RCOG Museum is unique in the UK with its focus on women’s health care. The Museum collections have grown through gifts and acquisitions since the foundation of the College, and now includes the complementary collection of the Royal College of
BMJ paper on impact of complaints on doctors’ welfare and clinical practise
he Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) welcomes new research published in the BMJ Open today about the impact of complaints against doctors.

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