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RCOG Guidelines app
The RCOG Guidelines app is available to download for both Android and iOS. Features of the RCOG Guidelines app for iOS and Android Access to all of the Green-top Guidelines, a series of recommendations on focused areas of clinical practice
Part 3 MRCOG: FAQs
Answers to frequently asked questions about the Part 3 MRCOG   What is the Part 3 MRCOG exam? How do I apply to sit the Part 3 MRCOG? How much does it cost to sit the Part 3 MRCOG? Where can I take the Part 3 MRCOG Clinical Assessment? When will
Council précis, September 2015
This page contains the précis from the Council meeting which took place on 25-26 September 2015.  Friday 25 September Representation Working Party Report Following the decision at a previous Council to change the voting procedures, a schedule has
Nick Raine-Fenning
Nick Raine-Fenning, past Members’ Representative, East Midlands, writes about what it’s like being on Council... It was not an easy decision to apply for Council. I wanted to and to some degree felt it was something I was duty bound to do, but I had
Advanced Communication Skills Supporting Patients and Doctors
Fee: £150 incl VATSunday 16 June 1400–1800Max capacity 20 This is an exciting interactive workshop run by established Obstetrics and Gynaecology NHS consultants. Through discussions, videos and role-plays we will help you develop your skills and
Core module 1: Clinical skills
The clinical skills core module will help you understand and demonstrate the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform assessment of women by means of clinical history taking and physical examination.  Available resources A list
FAQs for doctors
Answers to frequently asked questions for doctors applying for the RCOG Medical Training Initiative (MTI) scheme Application process Who should fill in my Head of Department (HoD) form? I haven't got an Assessment of Training letter. How do I get
Delivery of ultrasound training: information for trainers
This page provides information to trainers about how ultrasound training in O&G should be delivered, supervised and assessed. Information for trainees is available in the ultrasound curriculum area of the site. Structure of delivery of ultrasound
Come to Oman
Oman is a culturally diverse nation that is rich in history, and blessed with natural beauty and environmental diversity. The country is home to four UNESCO World Heritage Listed sites – including megaliths that pre-date the Egyptian pyramids. Oman’s
Submitting your application
Criteria for RCOG awards, grants and prizes Please read this page carefully before submitting your application. 2019 applications for all awards close on Friday 31 May 2019, unless otherwise stated.   General information RCOG Council reserves

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