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RCOG & RCM joint statement on MBBRACE-UK report on maternal deaths
New figures reveal no significant reduction in the number of women who died during or after pregnancy between 2013 and 2015, according to the latest report from MBBRACE-UK. The overall death rate in the UK is now 8.8 per 100,000. 
Report of ENTOG exchange and Council meeting, Slovenia 2017
The 27th ENTOG exchange and meeting was held between May 29 and June 3 2017 in Slovenia. Background The exchange was organized by a team of local trainees headed up by Jure Klanjšček and Andrej Cokan. Two trainees from the UK joined 40 other European
Trainees' Committee Elections
Vacancies for the RCOG Trainees’ Committee, which meets 3 times a year at the College, are posted here. Read the about the Trainees' Committee, including its remit, constitution, membership and meeting dates. Read the Trainees' Committee
Franchised MRCOG Part 2 Revision Course
This page is dedicated solely to the UK Faculty speaking at one of the RCOG Part 2 Franchised Courses.  Course materials All course materials are copyright of the RCOG and can only be used for the purpose of teaching the specified RCOG course. You
Core module 1: Clinical skills
The clinical skills core module will help you understand and demonstrate the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform assessment of women by means of clinical history taking and physical examination.  Available resources A list
BJOG release: Call for new technologies to protect women globally against unintended pregnancy, HIV and STIs
The global health community is calling for increased investment in the development of new technologies for women to protect against unintended pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, suggests a new commentary published today in BJOG:
Training update, September 2016
Dr Matt Prior, Chair, RCOG Trainees’ Committee and Dr Jonathan Frost, Executive Lead, RCOG Trainees Committee write... New Junior Doctors’ Contract The decision of the British Medical Association (BMA) to initiate further industrial action in light of
Work of the Women’s Voices Involvement Panel
This page provides some examples of the activities members of the RCOG Women’s Voices Involvement Panel have been involved with. There are various ways members of the panel can use their voice to help the College better understand what is important to
Laparoscopic hysterectomy
This information is for you if you are about to have, or you are recovering from, a laparoscopic hysterectomy – an operation to remove your uterus (womb) by keyhole surgery.
RCOG statement about Birthrights report on maternal requests for caesareans
A new report reveals that some Trusts across the UK do not have policy or guidance on maternal requests for caesareans.

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