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Systematic reviews
A systematic review is a high-level overview of primary research on a particular research question that tries to identify, select, synthesise and appraise all high quality research evidence relevant to that question in order to answer it. Main stages
My deanery has a problem with bullying or undermining (for HoS/TPDs)
Module 5 of the RCOG’s Workplace Behaviour Toolkit is aimed primarily at those affiliated with a training deanery. This includes Heads of School and Training Programme Directors, as well as supporting Regional Workplace Behaviours Champions. It
I am/want to be a Workplace Behaviour Champion
Module 6 of the RCOG’s Workplace Behaviour Toolkit is designed to explore the role of Workplace Behaviour Champions, and to support those who undertake the role. This includes individuals across all professions who undertake the role at a local level.
Council précis, September 2015
This page contains the précis from the Council meeting which took place on 25-26 September 2015.  Friday 25 September Representation Working Party Report Following the decision at a previous Council to change the voting procedures, a schedule has
3. Does bullying and undermining occur in O&G/maternity care?
Poor workplace behaviours are experienced by people of all types and in all professions. Sadly, O&G and maternity care are no exception. Some facts and figures: In 2020 18.7% of NHS staff reported having experienced at least one incident of
Timely actions when an abnormality is identified
  Another theme that emerged on reviewing these babies was the potential to improve the outcome had the abnormality identified through intermittent auscultation been recognised and/or acted upon in a more timely manner.   Situation A low risk
Previous versions of Urogynaecology subspecialty training
Previous versions of subspecialty training in Urogynaecology, including the curriculum, logbooks and assessments   Revised curriculum and logbook introduced October 2018 The GMC has approved revisions to the curriculum and logbook for subspecialty
RCOG response to claims that the NHS favours vaginal delivery on basis of cost
Following a neonatal death at North Middlesex University Hospital, a coroner has submitted a report to the Department of Health warned that the NHS favours vaginal delivery over Caesarean sections on the basis of cost.
Birmingham Congress, 2016
  The 2016 RCOG World Congress was held in Birmingham, UK, 20-22 June.   BJOG Congress Supplement The BJOG Congress Supplement   ePosters ePosters  

This document outlines the processes used in producing a scope for the development of an RCOG Green-top Guideline.

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