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Matrix of progression
The Training Matrix of Educational Progression is located under Assessment and progression through training  
Responsibility of Consultant On-call (Good Practice No. 8)
This Good Practice Paper has been archived and replaced by the workforce report "Roles and Responsibilities of a Consultant".
Applying for the MTI
MTI 2022 Due to the impact of COVID on UK training and resultant reduction in the demand for MTI trainees in the current environment, options for the RCOG MTI 2022 scheme are currently being explored. A formal decision will be announced on here by
Join now
This page outlines how to complete the application process and become an RCOG Affiliate. In order to become an RCOG Affiliate you simply need to complete our short online application and pay your subscription fees. If you have previously registered for
Exercise in Pregnancy (Statement No. 4)
This statement has now been archived.
Local Endometrial Trauma (Endometrial Scratch): A Treatment Strategy to Improve Implantation Rates (Scientific Impact Paper No. 54)
This Scientific Impact Paper discusses the evidence for endometrial trauma and improved implantation rates, the mechanisms by which implantation may improve, timing and technique for inducing endometrial trauma and who may benefit.
Induction and appraisal for trainees
You’ll need to have an induction interview at the beginning of a new post to set objectives, and subsequent appraisals to track your progress. This page sets out what you should expect and how to prepare. Induction You should meet with your Educational
RCOG release: What you need to know about healthy eating and vitamin supplementation before conception and during pregnancy
How to eat healthily and what vitamin supplementation is recommended before conception and during pregnancy, is explored in new patient information published today, by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG). 
I feel that I have been bullied or undermined
Module 1 is designed for individuals who feel they have been on the receiving end of poor workplace behaviours, such as bullying or undermining. This is a very difficult thing to experience and you are not alone. 1. Is what I have experienced
Information about RCOG exams
The MRCOG exam is the gold standard qualification in O&G. The RCOG's leadership in medical education, combined with the knowledge and expertise of our international faculty, enables us to design curricula to support O&G training and women’s

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