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A letter from Sussex Place, June 2013
Ian Currie, Honorary Secretary, writes… Pastoral care is the care and counselling provided by pastors, chaplains and other religious leaders to members of their church or congregation. The spectrum ranges from home visits to formal counselling from
A letter from Sussex Place, January 2014
Ian Currie, Vice President, UK Affairs, writes... This time last year I wrote to you about New Year resolutions. It is at this time of year we reflect on what we have done and achieved in our professional and personal lives, as well as looking forward
Social Events
Welcome Drinks Reception *included in delegate fee* Date: Wednesday 25 March Time: 18:00 - 19:30 About: Avoid the registration queues and join us for a drink to mark the start of Congress. Registration will be open to allow you to collect your badge and
Case study: Workforce numbers and national standards
A review, commissioned by a Trust with concerns about staffing levels, looked at the medical and midwifery workforce numbers in the context of national standards. We undertook a review of the workforce plan, consultant job plans
PHASE Worldwide (Nepal)
PHASE Worldwide (Practical Help Achieving Self-Empowerment) specialises in improving health, education and livelihood opportunities for disadvantaged populations in very remote and resource poor Himalayan mountain villages in Nepal. The PHASE
Exceptional levels of participation in the new National Maternity and Perinatal Audit
Thursday 15 June 2017 As many of you will be aware, a unique collaboration led by the RCOG, RCM and RCPCH was established in July 2016 to develop a new National Maternity and Perinatal Audit. The NMPA was commissioned by the Healthcare Quality
Pensions and taxes
Pensions also feature prominently in the decision to retire early for many doctors. Legislation changes include inclusion of all taxable income, and tapering of the annual allowance. The annual allowance is a threshold which restricts the amount of
What next?
  The RCOG will continue to work closely with workforce planners and decision makers to address workforce challenges and ensure the profession has the correct number and skill mix to continue to deliver safe O&G services now and in the
Next steps
  This report sets out a number of recommendations about what is needed to drive quality improvement within UK maternity services. To make the recommendations a reality, engagement and support are needed from all stakeholders.   Healthcare
Would different care have made a difference to the outcome?
Where a reviewer indicates that there is enough information contained in the uploaded local review to assess the care provided, the reviewer is then asked whether different management might have made a difference to the outcome.   In 24% of

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