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Further resources for human factors and situational awareness
Resources to support further understanding on human factors and situational awareness In conjunction with the EBC video and scenarios these further resources could help form the basis for a training session focusing on Human Factors and Situational
Leading Safe Choices
Goal: To strengthen the competence and raise the standing of family planning and abortion care professionals in South Africa and Tanzania Duration: 3 years (with 1 year extension) Partners: The Health Foundation South Africa, The Department of Health:
Blended learning: simply the BeST!
Did you have to sit through debates listening to experts arguing which is better: simulation or real life training; eLearning or attending a traditional tutorial; OSCEs or workplace-based assessments? Well, the short answer is that they are all good but
Extended systematic review support service for RCOG Fellows, Members and Trainees
The National Guideline Alliance (NGA) is a function within the RCOG undertaking evidence based research. The NGA has a diverse skill mix of staff with expertise in systematic reviewing, health economics, information science, project management and full
Would different care have made a difference to the outcome?
Where a reviewer indicates that there is enough information contained in the uploaded local review to assess the care provided, the reviewer is then asked whether different management might have made a difference to the outcome.   In 24% of
Oman Congress, 2021
RCOG World Congress 2020 provides an unmissable opportunity to hear world leaders in the field and showcase your work to an international audience. Following sell-out Congresses in Cape Town, Singapore and London, we are delighted to be hosting RCOG
Distributing surveys
The RCOG is happy to assist with the distribution of your survey, but there are some restrictions, as set out below. We receive many requests to send surveys to our membership (or specific sub-groups), so we need to ensure this is tightly controlled.
Why choose O&G?
Each year, the RCOG invites foundation trainees to tell us why they’ve chosen a career in O&G for the Why Obs and Gynae? prize. You can read some recent submissions below. We hope that you find these inspiring, and that they help you to decide
Targeted intervention to reduce tearing in childbirth ‘promising’, studies show
Two new evaluation papers exploring the impact of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ and Royal College of Midwives’ OASI Care Bundle have been published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and BMJ Open.
Assessing readiness to practice
  Overview Difficulties returning to work Summary     Return To Work Toolkit Trainees Consultants, SAS and Non-training doctors Supervisors Resources Developing a Return To Work course About this toolkit

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