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Revalidation for trainees: preparing for your ARCP
This page outlines the changes to how trainees need to prepare for their ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression) following the introduction of revalidation. For trainees, the revalidation process is seamless with the ARCP. Documentation You’ll
Options for addressing workforce challenges
  Rota gaps are caused by several factors. The Workforce Task Group quickly realised that there is not a single solution.   A work stream was set up to explore and address this complexity. It also aimed to find ways to assess both the extent
Why choose O&G?
Each year, the RCOG invites foundation trainees to tell us why they’ve chosen a career in O&G for the Why Obs and Gynae? prize. You can read some recent submissions below. We hope that you find these inspiring, and that they help you to decide
Overall findings for 2015
The final results for the babies born in 2015 who have been reported to Each Baby Counts. 723 251 term babies born in the UK in 2015 Exclusions: Ineligible babies Babies excluded centrally (congenital or chromosomal abnormalities) (51) Potential
Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and the Gulf
Current projects in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and the Gulf, as well as details of RCOG International Representative Committees and Liaison Groups in the region. You’ll also find information about volunteering opportunities, the work other
Each Baby Counts reports and project updates
Stay up to date with Each Baby Counts reports, events, quarterly newsletters, and other project updates. Reports Each Baby Counts 2019 progress report This report presents critical key findings and recommendations based on the analysis of data
Baby & You magazine
Baby & You is a magazine produced by B&Y Publishing Ltd in association with the RCOG. Baby & You is distributed free to pregnant women around the start of their second trimester. Baby & You contains a collection of informative editorial
Where to search for a systematic review
Suggestions of suitable databases to search as you plan and conduct your systematic review, as well as tools to help you find search terms and specific publication types. The RCOG Library provides support with systematic reviews to Fellows, Members and
Thalassaemia in Pregnancy, Management of Beta (Green-top 66)
This guideline provides evidence-based guidance on the management of women with beta (β) thalassaemia major and intermedia in pregnancy.
Process for RCOG recognition of subspecialty training programmes
Process by which the RCOG will approve centres to deliver subspecialty training Background The role of the RCOG in subspecialty training Since 1984, the RCOG has been responsible for assessing the quality of training of subspecialists in terms of both

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