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How can healthcare professionals better identify and support women?
Using these steps will help to ensure that women aren’t missed Identify and intervene 1. Be open-minded and don’t make assumptions. There is a common misconception that women who are at risk, or who have suffered violence, may look a certain way, may
DRCOG Revision Course
Many thanks for registering for the DRCOG Revision Course on 11 March 2017. You will receive your certificate of attendance on completion of the online feedback form. Please therefore make sure your details under ‘My profile’ are correct. Online
Monthly blog from RCOG President
In mid-June we hosted our first entirely digital RCOG World Congress...
RCOG statement on The Lancet study on partner violence screening and counselling
A new study published today in The Lancet states that routine screening and counselling for partner violence in primary care settings does not improve women’s quality of life.
Training update, June 2016
Dr Matthew Prior, Chair of the Trainees’ Committee writes: This month is mainly about referendums, but which is most important for trainees in obstetrics and gynaecology? On Thursday 23 June the UK voted on the question of whether to remain in or leave
Previous versions of Maternal and fetal medicine subspecialty training
Previous versions of subspecialty training in maternal and fetal medicine, including the curriculum, logbooks and assessments Curriculum Maternal and fetal medicine subspecialty curriculum  (PDF, 1 mb) There is also a generic subspecialty
Physical activity and pregnancy
Guidance produced by the Physical Activity and Pregnancy Study commissioned by the UK Chief Medical Officers.
Annual Professional Development Conference, November 2015
Many thanks for registering for the Annual Professional Development Conference from Tuesday 24 to Thursday 26 November 2015. You will receive your certificate of attendance on completion of the online feedback form. Please therefore make sure your
RCOG release: The growing toll of cardiac disease in pregnancy explored by leading doctor at Congress
There has been an increase in undiagnosed cases of cardiac disease amongst pregnant women, says a leading expert today at the annual Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) World Congress.
Leading Safe Choices
Goal: To strengthen the competence and raise the standing of family planning and abortion care professionals in South Africa and Tanzania Duration: 3 years (with 1 year extension) Partners: The Health Foundation South Africa, The Department of Health:

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