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BJOG release: The majority of first-time mothers wait until after 6 weeks before resuming sex following childbirth
Most first-time mothers wait until after 6 weeks postpartum to resume vaginal sex following childbirth and women who have an operative vaginal birth, caesarean section, perineal tear or episiotomy appear to wait longer, suggests a new study published
Obituary: Elliot Philipp
1915–2010 Eminent gynaecologist and obstetrician, author of numerous popular and technical medical works and committed religious and charitable Jew, Elliot Philipp died on 27th September, 2010 at the age of 95. Born on 20th July 1915 to Oscar and
Moving beyond incontinence
This is one of the stories from the September 2012 issue of International News. Julia Irani is a Master’s student in International Health at the University of Bergen’s Centre for International Health in Norway. As part of her Master’s thesis, she
How to register for an ATSM
To register for an ATSM, you need to apply prospectively to the RCOG. Before applying If you’re an NTN holder, you should discuss your ATSM plans at your ARCP at the end of year 4 If you’re an LAT (ST6/7 equivalent), you should discuss your ATSM plans
Sarah Lever
Sarah Lever, a doctor from London talks about her experience of volunteering with the Leading Safe Choices programme… My first involvement in the Leading Safe Choices programme was participating in the pre-test of the specially developed curriculum in
RCOG Women’s Network
Please note: the RCOG Women’s Network was formerly known as the Consumers’ Forum. Meeting dates (11:30 start) 2021 Dates TBC   Remit Reporting mechanism The RCOG Women’s Network reports to the Clinical Quality Board.  Mission statement ‘
Fetal Medicine and Advanced Antenatal Care, May 2016
Many thanks for registering for the Fetal Medicine and Advanced Antenatal Care course on 23 - 25 May 2016. You will receive your certificate of attendance on completion of the online feedback form. Please therefore make sure your details under ‘My
Blair Bell Research Society
The Blair Bell Research Society was established in 1962 to be a meeting point for those interested in both animal and human reproduction to discuss current research issues.  History of the Blair Bell Research Society The Society is named after
How can healthcare professionals better identify and support women?
Using these steps will help to ensure that women aren’t missed Identify and intervene 1. Be open-minded and don’t make assumptions. There is a common misconception that women who are at risk, or who have suffered violence, may look a certain way, may
Progress in Cervical Screening in the UK (Scientific Impact Paper No. 7)
This paper reviews the challenges and developments associated with cervical screening programmes.

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