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Kolkata Eden Hospital Annual Prize
The Kolkata Eden Hospital, a major maternity and gynaecological hospital and part of the Kolkata Medical College Hospital was the medical school of Mr Prabhat Chattopadhyay FRCOG. His generosity has enabled the RCOG to offer an annual prize of £350 of
BJOG release: Low-risk obese women, who have previously given birth, may have fewer complications than previously thought
In straightforward low-risk pregnancies, obese women who have previously had at least one baby are less likely to experience obstetric complications during labour and birth than low-risk first-time mothers, suggests a new study published today in BJOG:
RCOG release: Advice for women on cervical smear tests and pregnancy
Women who are invited for their routine smear test whilst they are pregnant can wait until after their baby is born but there are circumstances when women should still attend for their smear or colposcopy, advises new patient information published today
Key documents and resources
Curriculum documents Core Curriculum 2019 Advanced Training 2019 ATSMs ASMs APM Subspecialty Training Curricula Gynaecological Oncology subspecialty training Maternal and Fetal Medicine subspecialty training Reproductive Medicine subspecialty
Academic and research training: FAQs
Answers to frequently asked questions about postgraduate academic and research training in O&G Why should I do research? Who should I approach if I want to undertake research training? How do I get experience in research? How do I obtain financial
Improving Patient Safety: Risk Management for Maternity and Gynaecology (Clinical Governance Advice No. 2)
This document provides clinical governance advice on managing risk within obstetrics and gynaecology services.
Working during pregnancy: special considerations
This page provides information about special considerations around pregnancy and maternity. The guidance has been developed by the RCOG Trainees’ Committee but is also relevant post-CCT, and covers: Assisted conception treatments Adoption
ENTOG 2019 participant's report, Lublin / Warsaw 2019
I was so lucky to be chosen to attend the ENTOG exchange in Poland 2019. I was based at a hospital in Lublin for 3 days and then travelled to Warsaw for the main congress. I was with trainees from Germany, Norway and the Czech Republic. I arrived at the
Supporting our Doctors Task Group
The Supporting our Doctors Task Group was established to produce a College-wide strategy for supporting doctors in difficulty and related resources for managing work-place challenges. The strategy and resources developed by the group will focus on
Basic and Advanced Obstetric Ultrasound Workshop
Location: OCEC Cost: US $260 Timings: 08:15 - 16:30 Overview This is mainly a hands-on workshop where candidates get hands on training on how to perform basic obstetric scanning as well as fetal echo and brief overview about 3D/4D scanning. During the

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