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Obituary: Richard William Beard
Obituary presented to RCOG Council January 27th 2012 Richard Beard was Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington from 1972 to 1996. He was an innovator who championed breakthroughs in the care of pregnant women and their
FAQs about your condition and treatment
Answers to the most common frequently asked questions about your condition and treatment in the UK.  We’ve also provided answers to FAQs about the RCOG and O&G doctors, and to FAQs about your appointment.   I’ve read about a
Women's Voices newsletter April 2018
Welcome to the latest edition of the newsletter and, as always, a particular welcome to new members. Foreword Perinatal Mental Health HRH Duchess of Cambridge – new patron of the RCOG NIHR – standards for involvement in research     Foreword
Demographic characteristics for eligible babies are presented in Table 3. Data from the National Maternity and Perinatal Audit (NMPA) have been included for comparison. Table 3: Characteristics of Each Baby Counts eligible babies born in 2018
OSATS, colposcopy ATSM
This page sets out the OSATS requirements for the ATSM in colposcopy. You have to be competent in: Diagnostic colposcopy Treatment – cold coagulation or cryotherapy Treatment – laser excision or ablation Large loop excision of transformation zone
Course syllabus for abortion care ATSM
The abortion care ATSM course syllabus below lists the minimum requirements for a course to be suitable for the theoretical component of this module. The course should last 1 day. Any times given or descriptions of activities within a course are given
India Liaison Group
This page provides information about the aims and activities of the RCOG India Liaison Group. The RCOG India Liaison Group comprises RCOG Fellows and Members who are of Indian origin and who are based in the UK. We work to achieve our aims with
Interview – Daghni Rajasingam
Dr Daghni Rajasingam is a consultant obstetrician and lead for the Birth Centres at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation Trust. She has been a spokesperson for the College for 13 years and has been involved in significant numbers of high-profile broadcast
Later Career and Retirement Report
Retaining O&G doctors in the workforce for longer Read the full introduction by Professor Mary Ann Lumsden FRCOG, former Senior Vice President for Strategic Development, and Dr Jo Mountfield FRCOG, Vice President for Workforce and
All the UK-based reports mentioned previously (see "Early retirement of UK doctors" and "Flexible working") indicated that burnout is a factor in early retirement. The term “burnout” first appeared in the USA. Defined as “a syndrome of emotional

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