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Implementation note 9
The purpose of this implementation note is to provide Heads of School and Deanery Administrators an update on difficulties arising for Deanery Administrators recording ARCP outcomes on the Training ePortfolio. There are currently some permission issues
Cervical suture
The patient information leaflet "Cervical suture" has been updated and renamed "Cervical stitch".
Officers' update, April 2015
Alan Cameron, RCOG Vice President, Clincal Quality, writes... This week a team of Officers and staff attended the RCOG/RANZOG conference in Brisbane, Australia for what proved to be an outstanding event. The scientific content and the social functions
Ultrasound module: Intermediate ultrasound in gynaecology
Curriculum Intermediate ultrasound in gynaecology curriculum (PDF 151kb)  Conferences and courses Early Pregnancy and Gynaecology Ultrasound   Logbook The RCOG has developed logbooks for the three intermediate ultrasound modules to
Subfertility and Assisted Conception, 2014
Many thanks for registering for the Subfertility and Assisted Conception course on Monday 31 March – Friday 31 April 2014. You will receive your certificate of attendance on completion of the online feedback form. Please therefore make sure your details
FAQs: moving to the single version of the core curriculum
This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about the move to the single curriculum. The questions cover the following topics: Changes to the curriculum ePortfolio and logbook What the changes mean at different stages of training How the
OASI Care Bundle Project: FAQs
Frequently asked questions about the OASI Care Bundle Project About the care bundle What is a care bundle? What does the care bundle consist of? How was the OASI care bundle developed and who was involved in its development? How does the OASI Care
OSATS, advanced labour ward practice (2018) ATSM
OSATS requirements for the advanced labour ward practice (2018) ATSM You need to be competent in: Rotational instrumental delivery Cervical cerclage External cephalic version in labour Manual rotation Vaginal breech delivery Rotational instrumental
RCOG policy briefing: Mandatory reporting of female genital mutilation (FGM)
Mandatory reporting of female genital mutilation (FGM) commences from 31 October 2015. This is a new legal requirement in provision 75 ‘Duty to notify police of FGM’ in the Serious Crime Act 2015. 
Physical problems
In some cases, there may be physical problems with the womb which prevent pregnancy. There are a range of different problems in the way the womb develops which can affect fertility. Sometimes there can be scarring inside the womb which affects the

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