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Safeguarding Policy
Overview The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (the College) is committed to ensuring that it maintains the highest possible standards to meet its social, moral and legal responsibilities to protect and safeguard the welfare of children,
We mustn’t overlook the importance of families in antenatal care
After three years of development, the new NICE guideline on antenatal care has been published. I was appointed as a lay member to focus on the issues of how maternity services can engage effectively with families...
Sex Steroid Treatment for Pubertal Induction and Replacement in the Adolescent Girl (Scientific Impact Paper No. 40)
This paper discusses the timing of sex steroid treatments to induce puberty and the research conducted in this area.
Annual reports
Read and download the RCOG’s annual reports, annual reviews and financial statements. 2019-20 reports Consolidated RCOG Annual Report and Accounts 2019-20 (PDF 866kb) 2018-19 reports Consolidated Annual Report and Accounts for the period ended 30
1. How will I know if there is a problem with a trust in my deanery?
There are many ways in which issues with poor workplace behaviours such as bullying and undermining may come to light. Common methods are outlined below. Before exploring these methods it is important to acknowledge that managing poor workplace
Core module 7: Surgical procedures
The surgical procedures core module will help you understand and demonstrate appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes in relation to surgical procedures. Available resources A list of all RCOG resources available for the surgical procedures core
Training data analysis 2018
Our national Training Evaluation Survey collates feedback from the Training Evaluation Form (TEF), taking place in the early part of the year, prior to the GMC survey. It provides the College, schools and individual units detailed feedback on the
Medical education in the UK: an overview
This page provides a brief overview of medical training in the UK, with links to external sites which will give you more information. Medical education in the UK is wide and diverse. On average, undergraduate courses last between 4 and 6 years. After
RCOG responds to APPG report into endometriosis
The All-Party Political Group (APPG) has today published the findings of its inquiry into endometriosis.
RCOG/FSRH launch abortion care resource for secondary schools
Today the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare and  launch a free educational resource on abortion care to support teachers with relationships and sex education lessons

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