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FAQs: BJOG becoming an online-only membership benefit
This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about the transition of BJOG from a print+online to an online-only benefit for UK Fellows and Members. Why has my BJOG benefit changed? Do I get the same online as in print? I’m really interested
Postponement of Part 3 MRCOG exam
The College has taken the extremely difficult decision to postpone the November Part 3 MRCOG exams until further notice following recent news and research suggesting that the COVID-19 infection rate is increasing exponentially in many parts of the
Clinical Fellow – RCOG COVID-19 Response
We are seeking a new Co-developer for the RCOG COVID-19 guidance to work with an established team to maintain and deliver a suite of guidance for healthcare professionals, as well as pregnant women and their families. We believe this role would suit
Franchised Basic Practical Skills (BPS) Courses
Thank you for hosting an RCOG Basic Practical Skills in O&G course. On this webpage, you will be able to access all the materials you need to organisde your BPS course.  All course materials are copyright of the RCOG and can only be used for
RCOG welcomes audit report on ovarian cancer
The RCOG is welcoming the latest findings on the variation in ovarian cancer treatment across England.
DRCOG format and pass mark
Format and pass mark of the RCOG’s Diploma exam, the DRCOG Format The DRCOG exam changes to a new format from October 2020. The RCOG has been closely monitoring the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In reaction to the current global crisis we
Academic Board
Meeting dates (10:30 start) 2021 5 February 2021 18 June 2021 8 October 2021   Remit Reporting mechanism The Academic Board reports to Council; minutes go to Clinical Quality Board for information. The Research Committee reports to the
OSATS, basic ultrasound assessment of fetal size, liquor and the placenta
This page sets out the OSATS requirements for the basic ultrasound assessment of fetal size, liquor and the placenta module.  You have to be competent in: Fetal measurement, lie and presentation Liquor assessment (AFI and maximum pool depth)
Professor Murray Mitchell, Australia
Professor Murray Mitchell became Fellow ad eundem at the May 2015 Fellowship ceremony in Brisbane, Australia. Professor Murray Mitchell is an Academic Professor at the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research. Professor Mitchell has had a
3.0 The Genomics Era: The Future of Genetics in Medicine
This free online course prepared by St George's University on behalf of Future Learn will provide healthcare professionals with a basic grounding in genomic medicine. "The Genomics Era" course offers general concepts, i.e. not specific to O&G, and

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