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Facilitating a period of supervision
During the period of supervision, the doctor should not be on night time or on call duties. They may however wish to perform these duties with appropriate supervision. Where possible the experiences should optimise the chances for doctor to regain
How we will implement the Leading Safe Choices programme
This page describes how we will implement the RCOG Leading Safe Choices programme in South Africa and Tanzania. The programme The programme is divided into three main areas: Promoting best practices in postpartum contraception and comprehensive
SBA general instructions
Guidance on answering Single Best Answer questions (SBAs) How to complete the new RCOG answer sheet format Please only use a black or blue ball point pen to complete your answer sheet. You will find the answer sheet on page 3 of the question
SBA and EMQ general instructions
Single best answer (SBA) questions (Q1-50) Answering the questions The answer sheet is numbered 1-50. Each question in the question booklet will consist of a clinical scenario followed by a lead-in question, and then a list of five options. Candidates
Obituary: Geoffrey Victor Price Chamberlain
Tribute to Geoffrey Victor Price Chamberlain (President RCOG 1993-1994) Geoffrey Victor Price Chamberlain – better known as “Bodger” – was born in 1930 in Cardiff. After early education at Llandaff Cathedral School and Crowbridge Grammar School he
Dr Ed MacLaren STAE course testimony
There are many ways to get involved with Global Health at the RCOG and the Surgical Training in the Austere Environment course (STAE) has been an example of that for me. The course is one day of a five-day programme run by the Royal College of
3. What can I do if I feel I have been bullied or undermined?
Informal actions and first steps Escalating concerns and formal actions   Informal actions and first steps 1. Keep calm This can be hard to do but, try to stay calm and prevent things from escalating in the moment. Be aware of how you feel and
1. What are the important principles to consider when addressing negative behaviours?
Misunderstandings and poor behaviour, which are managed well and resolved fairly, are part of what makes a supportive and positive department.  The aim of addressing poor behaviours is to bring about an understanding and a change behaviour, not to
2. What should I do if I feel that I have witnessed someone being bullied or undermined?
Stay calm, reflect and clarify.  You can undertake a formal reflection using the Reflection on a difficult communications episode template (Word document 20kb). Space. Can you take the recipient out of the situation for some fresh air/ cup of tea
1. Am I really bullying or undermining?
It can be upsetting and stressful to be accused of bullying, and it can be difficult to keep an open mind about how our own behaviour might be interpreted. We know that misunderstandings will sometimes occur, even if we don’t mean them to. Importantly,

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