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BJOG release: Moderate exercise helps prevent gestational diabetes
Women who exercise during pregnancy are less likely to have gestational diabetes, and the exercise also helps to reduce maternal
RCOG statement: New pregnancy guideline on managing physical activity at work
particularly the case for low risk women carrying a single baby. “Pregnant women should communicate with their employers to determine whether ... physical activity is both safe and beneficial. Many women find exercise helps them to adjust to the physical changes that occur in pregnancy
RCOG release: The early diagnosis and treatment of pelvic girdle pain
Pelvic girdle pain affects one in five pregnant women and can severely affect a woman’s mobility and quality of life. Early diagnosis
RCOG publishes clinical guidance on managing obesity
in pregnancy. Latest figures for England show around 22% of pregnant women are obese, 28% are overweight and 47% within a normal ... a BMI of 30 and above – should lose weight before becoming pregnant and between pregnancies. Women should be weighed and offered
RCOG statement on gestational weight gain or loss and adverse outcomes
delivery. “These findings have relevance in the UK as one in five pregnant women are obese and illustrate the importance of maintaining ... maintaining a healthy lifestyle through a well-balanced diet and exercise before, during and after their pregnancy to reduce associated complications
Working during pregnancy: general advice
specific job role, any hazards and the possible risks to you as a pregnant woman. However, there are no specific guidelines regarding the ... level of risk at which adjustments to work should be made for pregnant women. Paperwork Your HR department will send you the relevant
RCOG release: what polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) means for long term health
oily skin, acne, being overweight, and difficulty in becoming pregnant. PCOS can also have effects on long term health, including insulin ... term effects of PCOS can be managed by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle Geeta Kumar,
RCOG review on antenatal and postnatal analgesia
risks to the mother and baby. Before taking any medicine when pregnant or breastfeeding, a woman should always ask for advice from ... continues to encourage pregnant women to have the flu jab. Earlier this week, Public Health England urged pregnant women to have the
FGM trial – the wrong prosecution
is innocent. In an emergency situation, having never met the pregnant woman, he acted to save the life of a baby. In the heat of the ... obstetricians – indeed all clinical staff – must be able to exercise their clinical judgement to provide safe, high quality care
Air travel and pregnancy – all you need to know
women to check with the airline they are traveling with. Some pregnant women may experience discomfort during flying, states the information ... comfortable shoes, take regular walks around the plane, do in-seat exercises every 30 minutes, have regular cups of water, cut down on drinks

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