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Recreational exercise and pregnancy
This patient information leaflet has now been archived. For up-to-date information please see the ... NICE clinical guideline: Antenatal care for uncomplicated pregnancies (CG62).
Exercise in Pregnancy (Statement No. 4)
This statement has now been archived. ... which aims to support women to be physically active during pregnancy.
RCOG statement on exercise during pregnancy and pre-eclampsia
In response to the study ‘Does leisure ... to the study ‘Does leisure time physical activity in early pregnancy protect against pre-eclampsia? Prospective cohort in Danish ... important for women to engage in some light to moderate exercise during pregnancy.
BJOG release: Moderate exercise helps prevent gestational diabetes
Women who exercise during pregnancy are less likely to have gestational diabetes, and the exercise also helps to reduce maternal
RCOG statement: Advice on nutrition in pregnancy
A new study, based on fruit-flies, from the Medical Research Council’s Clinical Sciences Centre at Imperial College London, ... has suggested that women may not need to ‘eat for two’ during pregnancy because the body could adapt to absorb more energy from the
Working during pregnancy: general advice
This page provides general information about working during pregnancy and maternity leave, focusing on your rights and responsibilities ... your pregnancy by the 15th week before your baby is due (at about 25 weeks of pregnancy). If you’re experiencing pregnancy-related
RCOG statement on BMJ paper on weight gain in pregnancy and dietary intervention
The BMJ paper ... evaluated the effects of dietary and lifestyle interventions in pregnancy on maternal and fetal weight and looked at how this affected
RCOG statement: New pregnancy guideline on managing physical activity at work
A new pregnancy guideline on the management of physical activity in the workplace is published today by the Health and Work Development
RCOG statement on new NICE guidance on weight management before, during and after pregnancy
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) have published today new guidance on dietary and physical activity ... interventions for weight management before, during and after pregnancy.
RCOG statement on RCM and Netmums survey on weight management
The RCM and Netmums have published the results of a UK-wide survey on weight ... management, healthy eating and obesity issues during and after pregnancy.

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