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Third and fourth degree tears (OASI)
you have the urge to empty your bowels. Gentle pelvic floor exercises should help improve bowel control. Your pelvic floor muscles ... should receive appropriate care, which may include pelvic floor exercises or surgery. It is important to talk about any concerns to a
Knowledge Area 15 – Urogynaecology and pelvic floor problems
assessing and managing non-emergency gynaecology and early pregnancy care   Summary Knowledge Requirements PART 1 MRCOG Structure ... principles of pelvic floor support How congenital anomalies, pregnancy and childbirth, disease, infection and estrogen deficiency
Values Clarification and Attitude Transformation Workshops in South Africa
1996, allowing women to exercise their rights over their bodies to terminate their unintended pregnancies safely at designated government ... abortion laws in the world, including the right to terminate pregnancies on demand up to 12 weeks and under certain circumstances up
Medical terms explained
website and on the following websites: Cochrane Collaboration Pregnancy and Childbirth Group Centre for Reviews and Dissemination Family ... the pelvis. Abdominal Of the abdomen. Abortion Ending a pregnancy using either medicines (medical abortion) or an operation (surgical
New study outlines research priorities to improve the care of women with FGM
care Defibulation (surgical opening of the labia) outside of pregnancy or labour Clitoral reconstruction Training, skills and confidence ... socio-economic status, reproductive history, and health affecting a pregnancy, in addition to FGM type. Future research should also take
RCOG and BSUG response to NHS Mesh report
Treatment options for both conditions include pelvic floor exercise and lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, eating a high-fibre ... erosion, infection and bleeding, and the strain of future pregnancies may cause the prolapse to recur. Pain and dyspareunia (painful
RCOG release: The early diagnosis and treatment of pelvic girdle pain
Pain can be mild to severe, but is treatable at any stage in pregnancy and causes no harm to the baby. Symptoms include; pain in the ... including advice on avoiding movements that may aggravate the pain, exercises to relieve pain, manual therapy and hydrotherapy. Most women
10 things you should know about endometriosis
surgery can improve a women’s chances of having a successful pregnancy, either naturally or following fertility treatment. Unfortunately ... natural remedies can help relieve some of the symptoms, such as exercise, a healthy, well-balanced diet and the use of a hot water bottle
Why Obs and Gynae? by Harry Gibson
clients and colleagues from all ranges of backgrounds and ages, exercise careful manual dexterity and draw on knowledge of a wide- range ... significant and memorable moments of a woman’s life, be it pregnancy and childbirth, conception, or in the debilitation of long
Judiac Ranape
appointments on five different days. I did a termination of pregnancy course five years ago and do first trimester medical and surgical ... safe abortion course and completed the values clarification exercises and gained a better understanding of the importance of abortion

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