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O&G is a hugely rewarding area of medicine to specialise in. Whether your heart is already set on this specialism or you’re just starting to think about your options, the resources here will guide you through this exciting career path.

Why choose O&G?

Pursuing a career in women’s healthcare is an incredible opportunity for those who excel in communication, empathy, stamina and problem-solving. There’s fantastic scope to make a real difference to people’s lives and to the science and practice of O&G more broadly.

As a professional in this field, your passion for supporting women through health crises, pregnancy and maternity care will drive you forward.

Get involved

Connect with patients at hugely significant moments in their lives, delivering hands-on support in hospitals and family planning clinics.

As an obstetrician…

You’ll work alongside incredible medical professionals, getting exposure to midwifery, anaesthesiology and physiotherapy.

Laboratory work

Find your place on the frontline of O&G research, working in the labs or supervising patient testing in hospital.

As a gynaecologist…

You’ll find constant inspiration in the radiologists, surgeons and nursing specialists who work with you to provide high-quality care.

Keep reading about careers in O&G

Resources for starting an O&G career

If you what to know what it takes to work in this specialism, you’ll find all the guidance and inspiration you need in these resources.

Specialty training

Get details on how the programme is structured, how you’ll be assessed and what certification you can expect at the end of your training.

Workplace issues

Use our resources as guides to effectively manage workplace issues and to build strong work cultures within the field of O&G.

Academic O&G

Find out how the RCOG supports and promotes academic work and research within obstetrics and gynaecology.

Working in the UK: Information for overseas doctors

For non-UK doctors who want to explore their career options within Britain, the RCOG have put together the following guides to support your research and transition.


Information about the awards, grants and prizes offered by the RCOG, including who's eligible for which prize and how to apply.