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As the effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue to shape our lives, the RCOG want to ensure that women and girls can still access high-quality health services.

We’ve developed the following resources to inform and support clinicians as practice guidelines change in response to COVID-19.

Understanding the official guidance

While pregnant women are no more likely to contract COVID-19 than anybody else, the early uncertainty around vaccination and maternity care access shook women’s confidence. Many pregnant women still feel vulnerable, although the NHS advises that pregnant women have only been placed in the moderate risk (clinically vulnerable) group as a precaution.

The guidelines produced by the College aim to provide insights into the patient experience and up-to-date information on the risks and care options pregnant women should be aware of.

Coronavirus (COVID-19), vaccination and pregnancy

This information is for both healthcare professionals and the public. It’s incredibly important that we all stay informed on the guidance around COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Our aim is to answer their questions, provide reassurance and to aid their decisions.

Coronavirus (COVID-19), infection in pregnancy

We strongly encourage all healthcare professionals to stay informed on the ways COVID-19 impacts pregnant women. This guidance paper is regularly updated to reflect new research. It has been designed to support the implementation of best practice throughout the pandemic.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and abortion care

The pandemic disrupted access to abortion consultation and services for many women. As the situation evolves, new evidence-based approaches to care are being promoted to ensure that high-quality support remains widely available. Our guideline paper outlines these models and advice.

COVID-19 infection and pregnancy FAQs

Keeping the public safe and informed

Pregnant woman can utilise this straightforward FAQ resource to address any concerns.

Protecting standards of care during the pandemic

As the pandemic continues to evolve, so too must our healthcare services. New challenges and regulations are informing the way we support women through life events like pregnancy and cancer support.

You can review the ways women’s health services are striving to provide the best possible care in the following pages.

Professional development during the pandemic

The RCOG understands the scale of disruption caused by the pandemic, both to our professional and personal lives. We want to help you to continue with learning, training and career progression despite these additional challenges. These resources are designed to support your development.

Education, training and CPD