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2024 core curriculum

The purpose of the O&G core curriculum is to produce doctors with the generic professional and specialty-specific capabilities needed to advise and treat people presenting with a wide range of general obstetric and gynaecological conditions. 

The curriculum provides a framework for training by defining the standards required to work at consultant level and at key progression points during training. 

It also encourages the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of clinical and professional practice, and the trainee to take responsibility for their own learning, as they would as a consultant.

The core curriculum for O&G constitutes the main programme of training for all doctors wishing to obtain a certificate of completion of training (CCT) in O&G. The definitive document addresses the purpose, learning outcomes, content of learning, process of training and the programme of assessment.

The curriculum consists of 14 capabilities in practice (CiPs), which are high-level statements setting out what a doctor should be able to do at the end of training, grouped by four professional identities (PIs). 

The PIs are divided into generic (developing the doctor) and specialty-specific (developing the obstetrician & gynaecologist). The CiPs require judgment based on the trainee’s overall capability at the end of training.

This Definitive Document is divided into two Parts: 

  • Part 1 outlines the high-level principles for the SITMs
  • Part 2 contains the full curriculum for each SITM and SIPM

O&G is a run-through training programme. The fundamental training structure and waypoints remain the same in the curriculum and are outlined in detail in the definitive document for the core curriculum.

Special Interest Modules

In the final three years of training, trainee doctors are required to complete two SITMs OR one subspecialty programme to be eligible for CCT.

SAS and LE Doctors can also apply for SITMs.

Gynaecological Special Interest Training Modules (SITMs)

Obstetric Special Interest Modules (SITMs)

Special Interest Professional Modules (SIPMs)

Subspecialty (SST) Curricula

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